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Course 5 Time Trial

Weekly Challenge: Going back to an OG NES game. Get your best time in on course 5 of Excitebike. Tie breaker will be the first to submit the earliest time. Challenge ends midnight Pacific / 3 AM Eastern on October 31, 2022.

I think this was my first time playing this game. Having no nostalgia for it, I did not like it. So I’ll settle for what I reckon could be a top 5 finish.
I only did this well thanks to the tutorial by @bayesic. He’s not human though… 😂
To say I had no clue what I was doing would be an understatement.
Gave this challenge 3 tries, think that's enough 😅 hard game!
Dude holy shit

Run 1 - 1:01.16
Run 2 - 58:72
Run 3 - 57:50
Run 4 - 56:44
Run 5 - 55:79
Run 6 - 54:94
Playing on a touch screen isn't easy. I'll probably need to get my controller out to improve on this time.
First try no restarts.

Is this the winning time??? Lol. Brutal. Although I may have won the “most over heats in a single race” challenge.
*sigh* dropping the time but .. don't know if I can go sub 1 min.
First try no restarts. How did I ever play this game as a kid? Gonna have to find the muscle memory to time the jumps and not overheat.