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What are you thankful for in 2022

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For American Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for in 2022? This doesn't even need to be gaming related.

This will always be my family and friends online and in real life.
Thankful I met a great gaming community in Channel 3 (oh also my family and kids yadda yadda...)
My family had a great year! Super hopeful for the the rest of 2023!
My amazing wife who let me pretty much get what I want this year without complaint, then surprised me with a PS5 for xmas.

Oh and the happiness and love of my kids are in there too.
A new job, that has allowed me to better afford life - and a few nicer things.
Thankful for the opportunity to meet all of you; play and help with channel3. Most of all the reception back into gaming/streaming after a six month hiatus from a new job transition
Finding Dad Gaming and joining Tuesday tourneys! It's been a blast.
My gaming buddies. They've been closer to me than most people I see day to day, and I've barely, if ever, met them in real life. Some of the best friends I've ever had, and I couldn't be more thankful for them. Just to name a few: @jsu @papaab @bvr @mcitaly @muchmoosen @ohmyfavourite @daddymang
I was saving this for today, just in case anything new or exciting happened in December, but now for my generic answer: my family, and the awesome people I've met here.
Man I missed a bunch of these 😂…

Obviously my family and friends. But my job has been phenomenal for my kids schedules and allowing me to be there before and after school as well as all after school activities.
2022 has been wild! Welcoming our third child, our first daughter, was the most emotional moment of my life, as we didn’t find out the sex beforehand and I’ve always wanted a daughter. She’s been the Whipped Cream on top of the pumpkin pie of my family!
My family and health are the big ones. But for sure thankful to Ch3 getting me to connect other like minded gamers. My self care is video games and this little corner of the internet has brought me much joy!
My family is what I’m most thankful for, including my kids, niece and nephew. Happy to get together with family today. I’m also thankful for friends here on Channel 3 and all the fun I’ve been having here.
Cliche or not the primary answer is of course the family. This has been a great part of this past year though and I look forward to continuing into the future!
My family and friends, especially our new baby boy next spring. And I can't ever leave out this community of great people!
I'm going to give a selfish answer. Lol.
Thankful for American Football on a weekday!!
Online communities and spaces that support positivity and inclusivity. One of the things a global pandemic taught me is that it’s ok to look for like-minded people outside of your IRL sphere. Which extends to all of you. 💙
I am thankful for a (more) normal Thanksgiving this year. I am thankful for 3gg raids. I am thankful for this community. And I am thankful for my family.

Thankful for my kids. Best photo I was able to take when we went out to eat for Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for family and friends. For being able to get up everyday and provide for my family. And I am thankful for such positive places like Channel 3.
I’m thankful for everyone here at channel 3 for being so welcoming, kind, and awesome. Happy thanksgiving guys!!!
This year has been crazy. I’m thankful for @gargada for everything he does for our family. For Gjr. And lilG for being amazing kids. For our families and my best friends. But this year I’m also really thankful for my dad and the positive things his cancer treatments are doing.
Obviously I’m thankful for my family but what about m really thankful for I’d the community the @joel has built and everyone on here. Everyone is so nice and friendly and this has been so much fun.
I'm thankful for this amazing community, and I'm also thankful for pork belly, rice and a fried egg with chilli oil (I'm feeling hungry)
Thankful for my loving family & friends (both irl and gaming)! Also thankful for finding a new job just a few weeks after getting laid off from my last job of 23 years. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thankful for ggs, thankful for friends & family and for friends who are like family!
Thankful for my fur babies. Thankful that my Java bean who had a medical scare a few months ago recovered & is doing well ❤️❤️❤️
Family number one, and groups like this that doesn’t have any toxic terrible attitudes
I am thankful for my beautiful wife and two amazing kids.
The easiest and truest answer is wife and kids. But I'm thankful for tons. Even all you Americans.
@laura recently said she's never seen me happier. That's bc I absolutely LOVE what I'm working on these days. (THIS PLATFORM.) I'm enjoying creating Channel 3 so dang much.

So I'm thankful for all of you. Esp @dantucker @elrey @jsu @jdaviesiii @joob @alden and more who work so hard on this.
Graduating with my Masters and then traveling with my class to visit the historical sites of Turkey and Greece.
Thankful for my wife & kids, the ability to continue growing with my family, to be moving into a new (bigger) house soon, for my mother in-law w/all the help she provides, having found a sport I can do with my kids, my Ch3, TDG (+Bayesic Training), & BMX community, .. just everything.
I’m thankful for the friendships I’m forming through C3! It’s been so much fun playing video games with y’all!
I am thankful to be the father of two beautiful boys.
Might be kinda cliche but I would have to say my family. From the birth of my daughter this year, my 5 year old son that always keeps me on my toes, and an amazing wife who does so much for our family! Can’t ask for more!
Me and my fiancée are buying our first house! I’m so happy to start this chapter in my life especially with the one I love! (and I’m getting my own gaming room!!!!!)
My wife's parents. This year has been a pretty hard year for me with my parents and they've been fully supportive and amazing to me for 12+ years now. Thanks James and Julia.