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C3CS Qualifer: Flower Cup Headstart Challenge! What are the most points you can get in a 150cc Flower Cup Grand Prix with giving the bots a one lap headstart?

   +100 XP
In regular 150cc Grand Prix, let ALL BOTS lap you before you start lap 1. Get as many points as you can.

This was infuriating! On my 3rd and final attempt, I luckily got 3rd in the first race only to get last in all the others! It felt like after that first race, suddenly the AI got a lot better! 😡
Finishes: 2nd, 5th, 2nd, 10th

Finally got luck mixed with CPUs that were actually trying to race and not drag way far behind. Just gotta get a good 4th race.
1st post- 13
2nd post- 20
3rd post- 21 ( I had 15 on the first race too. So frustrating).
4th post- 30
5th post- 43

Tougher challenge that I thought it was going to be.
First Run

Build: Yoshi, Mr. Scooty, Roller Wheels, Paper Glider

Mario Circuit: 2nd Place - 12 points
Toad Harbor: 1st Place - 15 points
Twisted Mansion: 1st Place - 15 points
Shy Guy Falls: 7th Place - 6 points

So, so many bullet bills.
First: 4

I still have no idea how any of you did better. But here we are. Barely any lightening for me. One time I got some I got hit by lightening before I could use it.
Should really keep track of the edit history, but I believe it was

Run 1: 31
Run 2: 37
Run 3: 42
Run 4: 47

Alright... this is it
A few notes for anyone doin this challenge:

- you are allowed to drive backwards and get coins or items if possible. As long as the last bot crosses the start line before you.
- you don’t have to use blue yoshi. But you’re welcome to if you’d like
- man this is difficult!
I was able to win the first race, but the head-start on the 2nd and 3rd race was too large for me to overcome. I was made some headway on the 4th race and caught up to the back of the pack.

It is very difficult on the longer tracks to make up time.
First try… this is tough.
1- 18

Second try: I was dying cause the mktv highlights showed me sitting there waiting 😂
2- 29