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C3CS Qualifier: Time Trial, 150cc, Flower Cup, Twisted Mansion (Light Blue Yoshi)

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Continuing on with Flower Cup. Due Sunday at midnight! You must race as Light Blue Yoshi. 150cc. Post a screenshot or video.

Run 1: 2:05.450
Run 2: 2:03.812
Run 3: 2:02.119
Run 4: 2:01.444

Had some time and @jpegmario was getting too close 😂
First try no restarts & a new record!!!
Love this track & can for sure improve this time.
1- 2:05.681
2- 2:04.946
3- 2:03.631
4- 2:02.161
My hands hurt I’ll prob try again to get 2:01 later.
If you are looking at this time to try to figure out if you beat it, don't worry.... you most certainly did. :)

I am hoping to document my progress in this difficult but fun game on C3. One day I will look back on this and think "how is that time even possible? Did I run into every wall?"
These TT challenges are making me kind of sad since I'm beating all of my old personal bests with an objectively worse build lol...