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IRL: Give someone an unsolicited compliment

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Give someone an unsolicited compliment in real life. Tell us about it!

@Everyone that has anything bad going on in life. Keep your head up and keep pushing on. Remember there is people out there to help and life is to precious to waste. Enjoy every minute like it is your last with family and friends.
Thx @joel for channel 3 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Somehow missed this when it came out but I told my wife how much I appreciate her getting up early with me for work and always making sure I have some lunch with me!
I called my mom, who has MS, and told her she was doing a good job keeping up with my grandad's necessary medical care, despite her own limitations.
At church tonight, we had a 13-year-old sing a couple songs (and she provided her own accompaniment on the piano). She did a really good job and I told her so afterwards.
My 4yo made us a pumpkin cake (boxed and under my strict supervision) but he was so happy to do it and it turned out so good. I told him how proud I was of his culinary skills and how sweet it was for him to want to make us food.
I wanted to do more for this but:
-Complimented my wife first on the pancakes she made for breakfast & 2nd for the warm weather gear she bought for myself & the kids to race in.
-Complimented my kids for how well they raced today
-Complimented a vendor (cont’d)
Complimented my daughter on how she rearranged her room and how well she has been doing with keeping it clean. She was pretty thankful and then asked for Robux.

All day complimenting and encouraging my 2 year old son who is finally speaking groups of two words.
I told my wife that she’s a hot mom and got a pretty solid scoff so I can’t tell if I came out of that interaction ahead…
I told my son how proud I am of his reading skills as he was reading Consumers Report (he’s 9 and loves it lol). He said “ok”
I compliment @mrsgargada daily on how beautiful she is. She may not always feel like she is, but she is to me.
Told the wifey how beautiful the flowers are that I got her yesterday…she’s not impressed by the flowers anymore.

But seriously, I’ve engaged each person in my day with a compliment and it’s been great! I may carry this forward for a bit.
Spent the weekend at a camping trip designed for cub scouts, like my son, to hang out with the older boy scouts. Kids did an amazing job and I let them know it.
I loove giving unsolicited compliments.

My wife is my favorite person in the whole world. I told her as much today while we had brunch together.

I complimented both of my kids on hard work they've done lately in school.

And I told a lady at the dog park that her dog was cute (he really was).
@captainouterspace Jared insisted I try Mass Effect and even tho it wasn't my style of gaming. Most RPGs have default cis straight male and, especially back then, it was a nice sign of progress to have my own gay space captain with all his friends saving the galaxy.
My family saw a potentially high risk scenario occur with someone with mental illness today, but saw someone de-escalate it and treat the person with an incredible amount of respect. I found the person after to let them know that I saw how impressively they handled it and that I appreciated them.
It wasn't easy but I complimented my mother in law. For doing a great job as a mother and a grandmother really helping us out. It's been nice recently having more one on one time with the misses.
Not trying to cop out complimenting my own son so a but of context. He's autistic, specifically with PDA as a part of it which one aspect means he's pathologically wired to not take compliments. Just take the short version. He started Star Wars: Fallen Order this morning...(continued)...
Saw a Minnesota Vikings fan at church this morning. I told him he had an impeccable sense of style.
Woke up and told my wife she's an excellent mother. What followed was a 10 minute inquisition as to why exactly I said it. I swear this is not the first spontaneous compliment she's received this week. 😂😂
The sheer courage to wear this in public is amazing. Props to this kid
I grew my mullet out years ago, like long enough to donate to locks of loves, so now whenever I see majestic mullets in the wild I always honestly give them a compliment.