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Explosive Goo Gun Elimination

Record a clip using the exploding goo gun.

I am embarrassed by the gameplay, but a challenge win is a challenge win.
Finally figured out how to use the goo gun. If I need to redo without having pumpkin launcher in inventory then I will. F
Got them in a bush...don't mind the fact that I got knocked right squad games with @shadyrotates and @vengeful229hook
Fired up @fortnite on @thelion 's account. Was gonna get a bunch of goo gun elims in one round to impress you all. Got 2 bot elims and that's it :(
After a few tries at this challenge, I finally found a goo gun in a legendary chest fairly early in the match. 3rd partied two people fighting and I ended up with 3 elims in the same match.
Played a couple games with @mrsgargada @vengeful229hook and @blockmamba and finished one off with this luck. This gun is crazy good.