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C3CS Qualifier: Time Trial, 150cc, Flower Cup, Toad Harbor (Light Blue Yoshi)

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To the Hahbah! Due Sunday at midnight! You must race as Light Blue Yoshi. 150cc. Post a screenshot or video.

1- 2:13.427
2- 2:12.899

.016 behind my personal best so I’ll have to try again

Edit: New personal best! I could find a little more time. This is one of the longest tracks so it’s a grind.
Run 1 (unposted): 2:16:804
Run 2: 2:13.099
Run 3: 2:11.709
Will probably try again. I know I can get that below 2:12. Would be easier with Waluigi…
I’m sure @bitzdad will beat this. I’m just too lazy to change the ghost. This week I’m not killing myself on TT. I’m not gonna get close to the time trial times but I do have a chance on my regional score. Props to @joel for thinking about us in the back with the stars and bullet bills.