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C3CS Qualifier: How much can you improve your Mario Kart 8 Regional Score in a week?

   +100 XP
Due Sunday at midnight! If you haven't already, answer the first quest as a baseline ( ). Then, start grinding. Total improvement is what we're looking for! Enter your improvement number, not your new score.

Upped it a bit. Was gonna grind harder but I actually started loosing some points. Threw in the towel.
When you don't own the game and have to rely on going to a friend's house to play, you have to be content with minimal improvements...
1. 1001
2. 1227

(Edit) gonna go ahead and post this updated improvement. Might race later after the qualifier.

I understand the importance of time-trialing but I think the key to my own improvement in this game has been from racing online (& getting the pro controller)
I just can't sit and race online anymore without the TDG group. The best part of racing is the chat. Same with golf. Its all about who you play with. So this is all the time I'm putting in.
Started at 4906, now at 5429. Did some racing while watching a movie haha. I'm gonna be all trained up for the 200cc event Sunday. See you there.