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Favorite aspect of the Fallout Universe

Fallout turns 25 on October 10, 2022. What's your favorite aspect of the Fallout universe?

While probably not the first game to have animal companions, it's the first one I played. They had Dogmeat in the first game, and put him in all the rest because he's that awesome.
So I'm going a little outside the box here. I'm a big boardgamer and my group has played Fallout Shelter the boardgame. It is really fun
Yet another series that looks fun and I’ll get into later 😂
All the quests make me realize I need to expand my gaming library 😂
only played 3, NV, 4; my favorite is 4. Go to 35:00 on podcast blew @dantucker ‘s mind. The vibe of 40s/50s meets post apocalyptic world torn by war and nuclear fallout. The story line and side quest are fun. It is truly a build/choose your adventure to be loved or feared, Machiavelli would be proud
You can line your property with the bodies of the dead and they won't disappear if you have enough ram in your computer. This was also my favorite thing about the s.t.a.l.k.e.r series
I tried to play it but couldn't make the jump from Skyrim. I've added these games to the backlog and hope to revisit!
I only played a little bit of Fallout 3. I loved that you could just go where ever you wanted. I actually bought fallout 4 but I haven’t even played it yet..
First off, sad face due to the amount of people who haven't played Fallout.

The 40s/50s aesthetic works really good visually with the swing music playing on the radio as you wander the wastelands. I really digged the VATS system in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. With New Vegas adding...
I also haven’t played the series yet. May need to pick it up on Steam sometime
The atmosphere. From Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4, the combat as well.
I played one for like 10 minutes. It was alright I guess
The setting is unique. I need to get back into these games.
Never really played them, so don't have a great answer. I might have to give them a try though.
Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dog! Coming at you live from post-apocalyptia!
25 years later we just accept this 50s era paranoia culture-lock into post nuclear-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic
I'm astounded that someone was able to fashion this world
When I played Fallout 3 as my first I had no idea that bottlecaps were the currency and money was worthless, it cracked me up
The first two. Hahaha. I loved the first two fallouts. I've never really been able to get into 3 and beyond.
It is a pretty cool universe/world that you have to survive in.
no matter how many games there are, they just keep falling out (i clearly never played them)
Storyline just storyline. To me the storyline of a game is important and theirs distracts me from actually playing the game
Side quests! I end up getting diverted by the interesting characters and storylines and forget all about the main game.
Bartering is king! Since you’re out in the world collecting and scouring the post-apocalyptic world, you actually get to put those finds to use. Other games have you collect weapons/ammo/goods, but sometimes you don’t get rewarded for it. It’s satisfying to go through the game and find valuables
I've always really liked how they reflect a 1950's -esque society and culture. Really interesting dynamic I think the bring.