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C3CS Qualifier: Time Trial, 150cc, Flower Cup, Mario Circuit (Light Blue Yoshi)

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Due Sunday at midnight! You must race as Light Blue Yoshi. 150cc. Post a screenshot or video.

i only gave this one try, messed up on the first lap, and didnt actually know where the boost are was, had to wait for the second lap after seeing @jedijohann using his boost first lap lol
First run(no restarts): 1:59:353
Second post: 1:56.969
Third post: 1:54.482
I won’t be qualifying through events, so not going to put too much time into these probably.
I don’t think I’m going to get much faster today. I’ll hang my towel on this time.

1. 2:01:778
2. 1:58.549
3. 1:55:687
4: 1:55:116
5. 1:53:978
6. 1:53:857
Run 1: 1:54.619
Run 2: 1:53.099
Run 3: 1:51.818
Run 4: 1:51.035
Run 5: 1:50.823
Run 6: 1:50.660
Run 7: 1:50.465
Finally beat @dosandres ghost. Coming for @ohtwotwo’s next.

Run 1: 1:53.261
Run 2: 1:52.375
Run 3: 1:52.079
You may look at this time and think "Westy just tried this once and uploaded his first run even though it sucked." YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

I used to think I was good at Mario Kart. I am now left wondering what happened. The game has passed me by.
First run no restarts! (Beat the Dry Bowser personal best from a couple years ago. I probably spent HOURS on that one. Feels good!)
Even though I like to hang in the middle of the pack I can do TTs 😂
Not shabby, shaved of 5 seconds after watching @mistermez . I still definitely have room for improvement.
Attention cult biddy-buggy: I am not the strongest time-trialer so ya’ll better beat this time 😆
Had a 1.54.307, watched Bayesic’s video below, scratched off nearly 3 seconds. Hell yeah.

Edit: burned off another second.
First run no restarts for me. Will come back and improve based on y'all lol

Edit: Oh shit new PB lol

Here's my time trial tutorial for anyone who's interested: