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What are you looking for in your ideal Fortnite Duos partner?

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Do you want a game plan? Are you just looking to make jokes while listening to the radio? Do you want someone to guide you along?

I’m looking for a sweaty person that will cary me. And is also nice like @bammonty and @cdrum and last but not least @darthsmeagol.
Generally, I'm looking to grind out battle pass levels, so if I'm not queueing up with randoms and running off to do my own thing, I'm looking for someone who's gonna support a quest hunt and not necessary a dub hunt (though that's not bad if we can pull one of those off in the process!)
A strong back to carry me
Otherwise strong communication skills
My son. He's honestly way better than me and balances out my fortnite terribleness. He's fun to game with too!
@notjosh that is all…..

Shoot, move, communicate; is ok with taking an L as long as we have fun. Loves to make jokes, learn something new, knock out a quest here and there, and if we catch a dub GGsssssss
Someone fun that doesn't get to worked up when we lose. They need to be able to laugh at my panic builds and how overenthusiastic I am.
Key word is “ideal”:

They need to know communication is key. When I ask them, “what do you want for shield”, please don’t reply “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”. Then when I offer a half pot, they say “no, I actually wanted minis”.

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Either someone as inexperienced as me at this game, or someone better. We can run around just having fun guns blazing getting whatever place we get, or I'll follow your directions and try my best to help you carry us to victory.
Someone who just knows how to have fun and can hit a few shots. Also someone who can either use me as a decoy, or be the decoy. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Communication. Someone who has input, has ideas, wants to strategize our rotation, who can shoot & build. I don’t need a mansion, just build a wall & ramp to defend yourself. Someone who understands that I’m going to yell in the heat of the battle but it’s all love, that I’m glad they’re w/me.
Literally just communicate. I usually tend to give myself the role of IGL so I communicate ALOT. So you gotta listen when I say “don’t shoot” lol but also remind me when to chill.
Someone with a big ol' backpack that I can hop in and be carried to victory.
Someone to take long walks with me. Ha! Since I have only played once I would want someone to show me what the heck to do.
Someone who can show me how the game works and handle winning more 1st place finishes as I get better
Someone who will yell at me, call me names and make me feel like garbage. I really want my confidence at an all-time low by the end of the night.
I've never played this game, so I guess someone who knows what the hell they're doing 😁
Someone either equally terrible who can laugh about being first eliminated OR someone who can do everything while I just hide behind a bush and giggle like a schoolgirl. I'm not picky.
Communication and understanding. I’m not the best builder anymore, so make sure our game plan works for both of us.
Just gotta know what you're doing. Share shields. Communicate. Have my back if I go, "Ooh let's go kill them over here! Hurry!"
Someone who can have fun playing a video game. Don’t need a teammate yelling insults and bringing you down. Laugh at the “sucky” moments and encourage when something goes well. Long way of saying don’t be a jerk.
Patience! Especially in an event like tonight. You gotta be willing to hang back when there’s nothing to gain from engaging.

But most of all: a positive attitude, a good sport, and not taking it too seriously.
Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and likes going for long walks on the beach and/or in the rain.
Someone who can build... I can shoot but my building skills are nonexistent
Someone who tries to get wins, kills, has teamwork, and doesn’t fool around in the game. And they don’t have to be the best they just have to try at the game
My children. I don’t think this is necessarily good parenting, but it has been very rewarding to watch my son and daughter develop as gamers. We went from losing all of the time, to being able to hold our own. Winning matches with them is as satisfying as when the sports teams I follow win.
Someone who doesn't mind losing as the upcoming event will be my first time playing!
Someone to carry me? I literally only play this game when it's a C3 event.
I’m a talker so just some one chatty. With that being said whoever my partner is I’ll probably end up getting you eliminated by accident.
Someone who can clear the field with or without me. I need an event winner tag. Looking at yall @thunderpump1 @ggshadow