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Who is your Mario Kart 8 MAIN?

Assume you're trying super hard to win.

Scientifically the fastest. I think that's the right word for it.
Best Mario character of all time. Change my mind..
Dry Bones
I guess I could be called a poser. I use Waluigi and pose as a good racer.
There is never an opportunity I would not pick this guy
Shy Guy
If I wasn't S4LTINE I would be C4SPER, gotta go with the ghost looking shy guy!
Shy Guy
Because I made my character and I like it.
Did you know Tanooki means raccoon in Japanese? TaaaNOOKI!
Tanooki Mario

Yes I know there are a couple of driver/kart combos that have faster acceleration than what Koopa is capable of. But heโ€™s my guy. I love him.
Koopa Troopa
I tend to switch it up, but always find myself back to Waluigi.
Luigi always for all Mario kart for me. Honorable mentions: King Boo, Toad, Bowser, DK, Iggy
I like to imagine that Luigi goes slightly faster than Mario
I love to race as almost all of the characters at this point, but the 3 I return to in times of trouble are Wal, DK, & Mario. All about the biddy buggy for me ๐Ÿ™Œ
Mario and I go way back. I have a tendency to always want to be the โ€œheroโ€. There is no greater hero in my mind than the man in red himself.
I need no explanation, for he is a god amongst men
Shy Guy
I play her in all the games I can she is a great female character
Okay, Mario and DK are my main picks with King Boo mixed in sometimes. Mario's got the all around average stats but Donkey Kong is funny.
A true crime no one has chosen my boy yet! He definitely has a foot fetish but let's ignore that!
I am the son of Larry and I am a son
The spanking taunt while getting a boost of course
Bowser Jr
First of all, it's Link and that alone is enough of a reason. Second, and I learned this well after Link was my main, he has better handling and MT than the tryhard build. Even though it results in a lower speed than the tryhard, Link fits my racing style better.
Soon as Link came to MK, thats all I who I played. Then I got learnt from TDG and realized that the meta was a little more.....wahhhh..
Just started to use him as my main in the last month. I used Waluigi when I first started playing because that was the most recommended.
Who couldn't pick Larry after watching an episode of Impractical Jokers and sticking with it. "LAAARRRRYYYY"
Mario... but way cooler. And faster.
Metal Mario