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What has been your favorite moment from Channel 3 Season 1?

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Was it a feature that was added, an event, a certain conversation? Tell us what you've enjoyed the most.

The creation of Channel 3 and the beginning of the perfect social media platform to have fun with along with TDG
Probably the thought of how much it would grow and rating all of the games.
Following new users and exchanging ideas in the discord to help it grow into what it is now.
Watched it start to grow from a distance, but wasn't sure how to join. I was glad to finally get in. I definitely would've gotten one of those Founding Member badges. Keep up the good work.
Being invited to be a part of the group and seeing it develop and grow.
The very first MK8DX tournament I played in. There were a ton of great racers and it was a literal photo finish on the last race. And Dan did an absolute killer job casting the whole thing.
The Kirby Super Star: Gourmet Race Time Trial challenge that turned into a slugfest between @elrey and I. Can still hear that theme song in my head from playing the same level so many times 😂. Love that Channel 3 challenges get you to play games you would have never have played before!
Tony invited me to a fall guys event. I didn't win, but hearing the casters hype me up in a game that wasn't rocket league was a great experience! Really showed me what is all about. Good gaming fun!
Watching the Kart events stream with expert commentating by @dantucker
Also, wheel spins!!!
Seeing it start! Basically all the stuff I've constantly said "I wish Facebook/Twitter could do X", C3 does it.
I love the engagement there is here like I’ve had my account for less then a day and I feel like I’m actually part of a community unlike and other social media platform.
I joined to help support @joel and check out what @gargada was telling me about. I wasn’t very active but I’ve grown to really enjoy the community this is creating.
Hitting the perfect ratio of 69 following to 69 followers. Jokes aside; been loving the fall guys events.
Winning one of the MK events and explaining to my wife why we had a banana plushie mailed to us (wheel spin)
My favorite was the channel 3 merch made out of duct tape. Classic startup moment.
Getting the S1 Event 1st Eliminated tag in the weekly Rocket League event, and then coming back the very next week to snag the S1 Event Winner tag. Bonus points for facing @joel in the finals.
My favorite parts are the responses to this question AND the lovely video that was shown on stream tonight! Y'all the best.
There has been a lot of them! Late nights of fall guys, the Friday night events, the mini games, the positivity from everyone, the list goes on and on. On top of all of that, it's sparked a new love of video games that had been missing for a long time. Bravo @joel! This truly is something special!
Too many to choose with F-Zero race week #memegirls, when Dan yelled at Twitch, staying up WAY too late with @nanner @blockmamba & tootslaroo , Python script to give the cr3w XP (likes), mini-games & weekly quests. Best of all, I have enjoyed finding this community and thanks to @joel for all of it!
The Mario Kart events and the quests. It is interesting to see what video games others enjoy and recommend.
All of it. Watching gamers support other gamers in every way. Watching people help those who aren’t as “good” as they are. Watching gamers get introduced to new games. It’s all amazing and thanks to @joel!
Having my memes or content I posted featured on the “other” C3 social media channels. To me, it shows care and support for the community we are building and makes us all feel like a part of it.
Co-Hosting a Friday night event with Mr. Hoosier! Channel 3 is going places and I'm loving the ride...
I'm participating in my first event tonight, but overall so far I think my favorite moments have been seeing Channel 3 grow so quickly, and getting to share my love of video games with like-minded folks!
There's honestly too many. Y'all helping me get to affiliate, finding new friends to play with, winning an RL event, the community itself, the list goes on and on. But, i'm not gonna give a cheat answer like that, instead, my favorite moment from season 1 is in the comments.
Definitely the Friday Fortnite events! From the broadcast down to the event itself. Hoping we run more next season! Possibly change it up and do duos??
Being in first place going into the fourth race in the mariokart tourney, last week felt great. Let’s hold that moment for a minute!
C3 reminds me a lot of the video game forums I was involved in as a teen. Only C3 is way better with way more to do!
My favourite thing has been either quests (especially scavenger hunts) or being introduced to Fall Guys.
Plus, I’m excited I finally unlocked my first wheel spin!
So much! Getting that sweet blue check mark, burgers with the hecking founder, meeting all of y’all, @dantucker and @elrey ‘s sports casting, epic wheel spins, but mostly watching this platform grow, including more people, and connecting over gaming. GGs @joel , and thanks for building this space!
For me winning a controller off a wheel-spin was a highlight for me. But I'm loving everything Channel 3; events, challenges, rating/reviewing games and more importantly the people of Channel 3. It's been great getting to know some of the peeps.
My favorite moment is when I got the email from Joel with a link to join the cr3w! It really has been a great platform even if its in alpha. If alpha is this good what will the beta be or the full go live? This platform has grown so much in the past few months and there are some amazing people here!
So many moments! Wheel spin prizes, awesome memes and just love having one place with so much video game content. I check c3 more than my other social media sites. I'm a junky and need my fix! Also loved winning in fall guys event for my champ tag!
The whole experience has been great. Really kinda got me into "social media" again after I was about to write it off and try to find my MySpace account. Favorite moment was my first week and winning two quest challenges in the same week. I peaked early but look forward to new challenges every week!
I love competition. And I love every week people come, play hard, and enjoy one another's successes at the same time. I'm also just honored to be part of @joel's team and have the chance to be a small part of making all this happen.
Racing in the new DLC - MK8 event! Rlly fun hopping into the c3 discord chatting w/ everybody ❤️. My first Fall guys event last Friday was a close second!
Once I realized what was going on here and I had that A-HA moment, it all started to come together. It's such a great idea that I hope grows and becomes a legit thing for years and years to come.
My favorite part of season one was this whole thing being created, channel 3 is the best :)
Being a part of something like this basically from go. Being able to contribute to its growth. It's been a real treat to see this evolve from what felt like an extension of the Dad Gaming to becoming clearly its own thing! I guess that would be my favorite "moment".
Trying out new games and connecting with other gamers who I wouldn’t have had the pleasure to meet otherwise. Also getting a follow from @memes
Lots of things come to mind but putting @triviachannel3 together was my favorite part. Gotta mention the weekly Kart and Fall Guys events too!
I'm going with the epic rant @bayesic put out there on Breath of the Wild

But at a higher level - it is cool to see differing opinions on games, systems, and characters
I just love that every Friday night when I play game with all of you guys I can have fun times and a fun competition that I may not get in every game. And that’s also why C3 is awesome
All of the events have been fun, but this Bob-omb throw was a Top Tier highlight for me and couldn’t have asked for a better Cr3w to share it with!!
Honestly, I enjoy the clip of the week. I try to have a clip for it and love watching everyone's moments, even if I really don't grasp what's happening in the shooters🤷‍♂️. The final reel with all the clips is great.
I love it here in general but I've got to go with this. I also need to set the soundboard up fully for C3 before Kart tomorrow...
My favorite moment has been the events. We have had some killer commentary and overall it’s been a blast! Now if more people would join the discord during events…
Chatting/posting about gaming stuff. Just doing what C3 was meant for. Love seeing the features from day 1 expand to what we have today. Can't wait to get even more people in here
My favorite moment from Channel 3 Season 1 is all the new games I played. There were plenty that I had never played before and challenges changed that for me. The vast amount of challenges/quests for different games + getting to know other gamers has been my favorite moment of this season.