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Never going to see it

Inspired by @connerf: What cancelled, unfinished, or unreleased game do you most wish came out and why?

I wish there was still college football games
Really wish Final Fantasy 13 Versus was created as it was originally planned. I know it eventually turned into 15, but the story was changed a lot according to interviews.
If you never heard of it I don't blame you it's like 15 years old but it was a fps rpg in the vien of borderlands but you fought demons in the uk and entered portals to hell. It was great and I played the hell out of it, spent like 200 on preorder stuff then 4 months into the beta they cut support
Jet Force Gemini 2. Apparently, a group of past developers came out with a "spiritual sequel" called Tamarin in 2020. This all but seals the deal that we will never see a sequel to this game.
Advance Wars re-release. I know a date is coming but I’m not so sure. Would have enjoyed it by now.
NCAA basketball would be incredible. I would love to play as my Iowa Hawkeyes!
The Force Unleashed 3... 2 had such a cliffhanger ending :/
Star fox adventures 2. The first one was so good. I loved every minute of it. They could definitely make this an open world game even more and have endless hours of fun.
Earthbound 64. I still have hopes for Mother 3 official localization but Earthbound 64 was even featured in Nintendo Power, it just never happened and for sure will never happen. I was hyped for it too!
Star Wars 1313, and i believe there was supposed to be Darth Maul game as well that got cancelled.
Stealing part of @ohtwotwo's answer. Would love to see an NCAA Basketball game, but very unlikely. At least with NCAA Football coming back, it opens the door.
I'd probably say the unreleased Star Wars Battlefront 3 game. I loved the first two and the leaked footage of 3 looked awesome, especially with the planet-to-space combat! The newer two games are alright but don't have that same magic to them.
It has to be Starcraft Ghost or PT. SC Ghost I was looking forward to many year ago until Blizzard canned it. PT is just a nightmare of garbage between Kojima and Konami.
I wish Half Life 3 would be finished and released because even though I have never played 1 or 2 the gaming community will rejoice as a whole! Plus I like buying trilogy packs 😂
I wish that college basketball games were still being released, as well as NASCAR games made by EA Sports. So much of my childhood was NCAA football, basketball, and NASCAR games & I just wish they were still being released (I know NCAA football is coming out next year).
KOTOR 3 and Star Wars 1313.
I read somewhere that KOTOR was originally envisioned as a trilogy, so it’s unfortunate that it never got the proper conclusion it deserved (Old Republic doesn’t count).
And the 1313 teaser trailer looked amazing!
Metroid 4. Not for me, just for everyone else who's been waiting so long.
The 3rd Legend of Zelda Oracle game. Which would've been known as the Mystical Seed Trilogy. The concept of 3 games, each focusing around 1 aspect of the triforce, would've been really cool to see.