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What power would Kirby absorb from you?

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Download Blank Kirby here. Draw and describe what power Kirby would take from you.

The ability to rest his eyes without actually being asleep in his Lazyboy :)
Me at 25: ankle/calf/knee injuries everytime I try to play soccer
Technical Skills. Kirby now can perform Matrix Rain. Its a killer move.
Probably a touch of melancholy with a dash of occasional inspiration shadowed by an overwhelming drive to bring order to chaos 😂
My Kirby would have a unique and exciting ability to remember numbers. I have hundreds of stock numbers for Electric Distribution material in my head and know the numbers, the specs, what the look like, and common names for them. Calm down everyone; I know I'm awesome. 323908 is one of my favorites.
I commissioned a student to draw this. Kirby now has the power to do math. (note the + and x symbols he's holding)
the ability to be absorb high amounts of cannabis without having any negative effects (status aliment immunity)
The ability to shift between introvert & extrovert, master of terrible time management, absolute team player (when not being introverted), hyper competitive, super caring of others no matter what, and the ability to forget information as quickly as it is learned.
Soccer no matter what. Just hope he doesn’t absorb any other’s since I’d like to keep mine.
Being average at a LOT of random tasks and activities, master none of them, and barely managing a brain of interesting but mostly useless information.