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What is your rank?


Making the CLIMB!!!
Diamond 1-3
I play on Mouse and Keyboard. Hopefully one day they do a better job to balance the inputs and I'll see Onyx one day lol.
Diamond 4-6
I’ve only played once so far. And besides, I’d rather play just with friends, rather than in any competitive mode.
Hahahaha unranked. I mostly play Infinite for the social experience but I guess it couldn’t hurt to try out ranked.
I could have sworn I earned the rank of Master Chief.
Bronze 1-3
Too much time playing the campaign, no time on multiplayer
I was Diamond 4-6 before the rank reset... I gotta get back on the grind to Onyx!
Platinum 4-6
I haven't been on in a minute, but pretty sure this is where I was last...
Silver 4-6