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Chapter 3, Season 4 Victory Royale

   +333 XP
Win a solo round in Ch.3, Season 4.

I JUST GOT MY FIRST SOLO WIN!!! i only started playing this game weeks ago with all you lovely people and now look at me :)
FINALLY!!! My first solo Victory Royale!
Perfect timing too as this win got me to level 33! And my weapon on the final kill was dealing 33 damage!

And once again, thanks to Channel 3, I’m hooked on another video game… 😂
First time completing a c3 Fortnite challenge let’s gooooo!!!
(I feel guilty cause I accidentally posted this in the evochrome challenge thing, then deleted it but still got the XP)
Not sure if we are still in this season/chapter but either way this was my first solo win!!!
Hey mom, I did it!!
I didn't even need my son to do it for me!
I started uploading a pic from today then realized it was solos. Here is a pic with my signature spider-man pint glass and lucky loki figure:

Forgot about this challenge. Gotta grind before the end of the C3 season.
I jumped in for one challenge & ended up completing this challenge! Let's Goooooo!

Edit: this skin is my favorite & it's a Season 3 skin.
Oh man. Just played AND FRIGGIN WON my first non-C3 Fortnite match!
8 Elims, Evo Elimination, and 1st VR all in one game!
First round of Chapter 3 Season 4.... CROWN ROYALE. On pace to be a pretty good season.