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What is your LEAST FAVORITE Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 landing spot?

That last place you'd ever pick when your buddy asks "where we droppin"

Not a fan!!! I never go to that area, unless pushed there.
The Daily Bugle
Seems like every time I rotate through this place there is always a fight going on lol.
Random Gas Station
Just hate the place. Only enjoyed it back when they did the Wild West version.
Tilted Towers
It is a waste of space in the map. Hope it is gone next season.
Chonkers Speedway
There's too much Chapter 1 PTSD about landing at Tilted. I'll never willingly land there. Only if "Land at Tilted" is a challenge (which it once was during those times).
Tilted Towers
Why is it always so sweaty doesn’t matter if POI or final circle I am running gunning and building every time
Rocky Reels