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What is your favorite Fortnite emote?

Give us a clip of your character's best moves.

This my favorite emote right now. John Wick doing the Chicken (Pollo) Dance
My favorite to use when I'm wearing Bunker Jonesy and I get some ridiculous kill for the win.
Groove Jam. Napolean Dynamite was my thing back in the day. Enough said.
The smallest Gargada loves this emote so we will put it here. ♥️
I couldn’t upload a clip of me emoting because….. YOU CANT SEE ME!!
So you can't do video capture on Switch, had to pull a random video but .. this one is always funny to me. Going AFK? Have a seat. Camping in a bush? Have a seat. See a battle in the distance? Seat!
Haven't played this game for that long, but I love this one.
I don't emote a lot, I'm basic, but I do like this one a lot. Also poignant for me because it reminds me of Better Call Saul, which I just finished.