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Favorite piece of gaming equipment

Inspired by @thebrute07 what is your single favorite piece of gaming equipment that you own? For example: chair, desk, controller, etc.

This is my 4th and definitely my favorite Scuf controller.
My laptop opened up so many doors both for streaming and gaming.
i won the very first TDG controller holder for being points leader at the end of a season of Kart Gangs, its one of my greatest gaming achievements
Probable my steering wheel. This thing makes driving games so much fun. I can drive anything I want and don't ever have to worry about destroying it bc its a game.
Gonna have to say my Hyper X headset. Love the audio, and the feel. I could wear for hours and not even know I have it on.
I jokingly wanted to say "these hands" because "they're what allow me to game" but it's probably my Switch. That thing goes everywhere with me. I'm probably never more than 100 ft away from my Switch. (updated with a pic playing MK8 while waiting for the MIL to land in Milan)
Right now, it is my new Splatoon 3 pro controller.
The Switch Pro Controller is the best controller Nintendo has ever made and I hope they never strays from it, despite their history saying that they will.
Elite Series 2 controller. The paddles on the back ruined gaming for me as I can’t play any shooter game without them. I have specific buttons/layout for the paddles in each game.

I even had my paddles mapped to the “deke” button in NHL 22 so I can do fancy breakaway goals
The Switch. Great library and form factor. Got me back into gaming in a big way.
Rather than pick a console (can't decide), I'll go with my favourite controller.
The Xbox controller may be best for FPS, but the GC controller is the most comfortable controller I have ever held!
If Nintendo merged the GC controller with its pro controller, it would be absolute perfection!
Power A Fusion pro controller, interchangeable faceplate and removable pro pack with four mappable paddles. Worked great for building in Fortnite on Switch. Also use it as my new Rocket League controller on PC it had a usb/BT switch so don’t have to worry about connection issues to PC
My New Xbox controller that I won via wheelspin. Thanks Channel 3
My switch is my most valuable material possession. If there was a fire, I would save my cats and then rush back in for my switch lmao
Maybe one of my Anbernic devices. These things are so well made and such an excellent retro emulation machine. Have put in many hours on thousands of games on this thing.
Switch. It has allowed for so many hours of gaming that wouldn’t have been possible before. It has also led to so many new friendships because of Mario Kart. That alone is good enough reason.
I play my Switch like I played Nintendo growing up. Sitting in the floor. I sit propped up between the ottoman and couch. Is it bad for my back and neck; yes but I’ll survive. In reality I’ll probably move it to the game room where my recliner is. I’m close to just having a set up at a desk though.
If you play on PC/KBM especially shooters, and don’t have one of these… Go buy one. Razer Tartarus V2. One day I’ll be affiliated with them to sell…