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Oldest Gaming Item You Own

What is the oldest item that you have in your gaming collection?

As close to mint as you'll find. Heck, I don't even keep the batteries in this thing and wear gloves when I play it ha ha ha
Listen I’m younger than all of you on here so mine won’t be as old but for me it’s the Wii
A working original NES Game Genie and Codebook. This I lucked upon when my sister's boyfriend at the time gave me all his NES games when I was in grade 9.
I still have every console I've ever owned, going all the way back to the NES.
Though I haven't played it in years, so I'm doubtful it still works.
My daughter loves carry it around and think she is play, it’s in good condition only missing the battery cover
Does this sticker count? I also have an OG Game Boy.
Had to dig for this pic. This is from 2015, right as we moved into our house & first thing I did to start building "the cave" was hook up the N64.
Its still at my parents house, along with my Dreamcast and a few other game systems.
I don't feel like digging it out, but the Atari 2600 is my oldest gaming item. For now.
Shout out to @xbitgaming as these are actually the oldest gaming thing I own
Before I realized this I thought it was my copy of @nhl99
My very first console that I still own, a Blue Nintendo DS Lite. (It’s in storage right now cause I’m moving but I know I have it)