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Fall Guys Bean-icide

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Capture a video actively eliminating a Bean in a survival elimination round. Push them off a ledge into slime, hold them to get smacked by a bar, do something to actively end their round.

Damn. I didn't wanna do this but you come up on my square you gonna get got. #icecold
I felt a bit bad after the fact, since it seems like my grabbing made them confused, hence why they kept running into the pinball flippers while I was grabbing them? But it had to be done. And also it was fun.
Had two elims in the same round but this one was funnier and for the win... don't care if your on my squad, I have a Ch3 quest to complete! 🤣
Pushed someone off the ledge to eliminate them in a survival round. The funny thing is right before this that same bean and I teamed up to push someone else off. I was tempted to share that clip but didn't like sharing the elimination.
Sometimes I think about murder. Of Beans.
I’ll upload a different video from my POV later but for now, this will do 😂