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Where's a C3 sticker?

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Post somewhere or something you palaced a Channel 3 sticker. It doesn't have to be the 3, it can be any sticker. Computer? Phone? System? WHERE???

The shipment has arrived!
I didn't realize how dirty my computer was until I took this picture. Time for a deep clean.
Unused because I can’t decide where to put it! Thinking either my yeti tumbler or somewhere in the basement with my other gaming paraphernalia
Yeti... Because Yeti rhymes with three.
My work, stream, drinking cup. The other side has the I’m using tilt controls sticker
Update: had to add a few

On the ol' second monitor. Adding more I just can't decide where.
Right where I put all my favorite stickers
The cr3w is always with me.
Can never be too cautious

(Yes I drive a Saturn. No they haven’t made them since 2010. “THIS CAR BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!”)