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How did you get into gaming?

Who or what got you into gaming? How did it happen?

Great grandma bought an NES with wheel of fortune and Mario. Used to be the best thing ever as a 5 year old
My brother picked up a Sega Master System, where I played my first game; Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Then my parents bought an NES as a combo gift for my sister and me. I ended up using it more and gaming became my passion from then on.
Playing NES with my dad at 4 years old. Most vivid memories is trying to beat The Lion King and Aladdin on Sega Genesis with him
I got a Wii U fro Christmas and then got sky landers with it started playing it al the time and never stopped the I found my Wii and played on both of those for hours a day
In 1994 my alcoholic uncle bought scratch-off tickets for all of his nieces and nephews for Christmas, my brother won $100, and we used that to buy a SNES. Our parents made us do chores for weeks to save up the tax.
When my parents got me and my brother the original Xbox I was hooked and slowly progressed away from consoles to pc and became more and more obsessed with playing games and I’ll never look back! Gaming is life!
My dad tried saying Nintendo in pig Latin... like bro even though I'm 5 I know what that means 🤣 so I got the NES shortly afterwards. Didn't play it too much though, it wasn't until an N64 for my birthday and I played Star Fox 64, my life changed forever.
I had a NES. I was the youngest kid and was envious of my siblings' skills. We played all the classics, and as I got older, I kept upgrading systems. Sometimes those upgrades were one system behind, but that made games cheaper and saved me from buying terrible games with poor ratings and reviews.
Building old monochrome 80s computers like amdek and playing hero's quest, kings quest, space quest........mostly the quest line of floppy disk games
Atari 2600... Yars Revenge. I was 6 probably.
Older brother had the NES and then we got a SNES. Rest is history.
My brother asked for an NES for Christmas when I was 5. I had no idea what it was but I was thrilled I got a “gag box” (included a whoopee cushion, a flower for your shirt that squirts water at people, the arrow-through-the-head gag, etc). But I quickly got hooked on the NES
Had an Atari 2600 as a kid (3 or 4 years old?). We had a Commodore 64 shortly after that. Then we got a Nintendo when I was 8. Very spoiled!
My dad gamed all hours of the day so my sis and I would watch.
My dad had a handheld pacman game that I would play whenever he would let me. I was probably around 5 or 6 when he first showed it to me. After that, I have always enjoyed playing games.
Nintendo got me hooked. It started with the SNES and I’ve had every system since (besides the Wii U). After college I got into Overwatch and got addicted to the Xbox for a while.
My sister and her first husband had a Nintendo. I loved Excitebike. Then when I got older I bought my own TV and game systems.
Dad and older brother were always up on the SNES. Still have fond memories of Super Mario World and Smash TV.
My older brother got the original NES back in the 80s. He let me play it and I got hooked.
My mom tells me stories of when I was 2 or 3 going to my babysitter's house. She'd have me sitting in her lap while she played Super Mario World. I was hooked at a very young age, and it only got more fun as I grew up with buddies who had consoles.
I don't really know for sure. My parents are not into gaming, but for some reason they had an NES & SNES. My older sister played sometimes, but wasn't really into it. Guess I was just meant to be the gamer in the family.
My parents bought me the original Nintendo Entertainment System when I was 5 years old. I've been a huge fan of Nintendo, and Mario in particular, ever since!
As with many others I can't remember at time before video games. My older brother had a NES and my earliest memories are TMNT and SMB2. Actually remember more playing on our SNES Super Mario World and Street Fighter 2. Cherished memories playing with my brother and dad.
I got into gaming in the late 90s, with the N64 and PS1. Never owned one but friends/cousins did with games like THPS 1 and Goldeye how could you not get pumped. Plus thanks to the anime kids I discovered the world that is all the games RPGs, JRPGs, tabletop, strategy the list goes on
My brother and I got a Nes for Christmas from my dad. Once we fired it up and played Super Mario and Duckhunt, I was hooked.
My first memory was the original Gameboy with Tetris. But that was followed up with my uncles glorious basement, which had every NES game a kid could dream of. SMB3 is now the easiest game to beat because of that.
My parents got the NES when I was a kid. All it needed. We also had Atari right before but NES was the real deal.
My daycare had an NES, my uncle had one too. Then my step dad had an SNES on his semi. But Mario kart 64 is where I got hooked to gaming. It was the togetherness it gave us mostly
I distinctly remember my uncle getting an NES at Christmas and I had a chance to play Super Mario Bros. for the first time. I was hooked and it was all I could talk about until my parents relented and bought us an NES the following Christmas. I never looked back.
I’ve been gaming since before the ability to develop long-term memories so don’t remember the details, but my older brother got me into it via NES with SMB 3, and apparently I got good enough that I taught them how to beat the final boss

Just realIzed I’ve teaching gaming since 3 years old lol
I have no idea, I just know that somehow I wound up with a Gameboy Pocket, and Tetris. Then later I acquired an NES and a Sega.
I'll echo @ohtwotwo. There was a NES in my home. I played Duck Hunt, but my parents weren't gamers. I am definitely glad I started young.
I honestly don't know. I've been playing since before I can remember. My parents have pics of me laying in the floor as a toddler playing Duck Hunt during a house party. My parents aren't gamers either so I don't even know why we had consoles. Gaming was just always there, just part of my DNA.
My profile pic on this site is me snuggling my dad's Nintendo box in what was I believe 1987. Loved watching him play and taking up the controller myself, as has happened with my kids as well. Moved up from Sesame Street games to Mario Bros. quickly and never looked back.