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Beverage of choice while gaming

We asked about your snack (20% of you still answered what's actually this one) but now it's time to answer: what is your beverage of choice while gaming?

Chocolate Milk as everyone sees on Tuesday in B-Stream
Give me prime, monster energy drink, or any type of pop I just need energy type drinks
Mainly water but I love when I have Sparkling ICE drinks my favorite is the strawberry lemonade! So good
Non-alcoholic IPA's have come along way! Who says the road to recovery has to mean switching to only water?!
Coffee if it's a rare afternoon session. A brewski in the evenings.
If playing with others, Beer
If playing alone, Water
Usually a Natty Boh, or a Waterloo sparkling water (either raspberry or strawberry flavored)
Either a nice cold glass of water or a Body Armor. I'm very intense.
Water or alcohol. Beer usually. Nothing specific, whatever I have and am feeling.
Haven't been drinking so anymore if it's during the day usually Tea. If it's prime-time Diet Pepsi
Wine and beer since I mostly game at night. Dry white wines, and usually local brews
Mountain Dew if it's during the day/chillin, beer if it's at night/competitive.
If I can find it, Vanilla Coke. Coke Zero or Sparkling water are my backups.
When relaxing water.. when it's competitive... beer, a nice hoppy IPA. cant go wrong with stone/lagunitas.
Morning: Coffee
Afternoon: Celsius
Evening: Water/Alcohol
Beer is the go to. Right now I'm enjoying all the Oktoberfest releases. Sometimes it's coffee, especially weekend mornings.
Right now any of the pictured are my go to. Real Ale Brewing is my go to brewery. I’m on an IPA call Hop Sprocket by them. If not them it’s a Mexican Mule with Codigo Tequila owned by the King of Texas George Strait. If I’m going no alcohol then I got with a sugar free Monster or water.
Mexican Coke is for enjoyment. Diet Coke cans are for performance.
I typically drink Busch beer. In fact, I'm at the store picking some up right now. Lol
Usually a Mexican Coke if NA or a local brew. Pictured is my favorite from my main local brewery Shu Brew when they partner with the Pink Boots Society to make a Shoots Like a Girl Variant annually.
Gatorade falls to third place.