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What is your favorite game series (4+ games) of all time?

Must have 4 or more games in the series: what is your favorite game series of all time?

Final Fantasy. Yes, despite the Mega Man avatar, FF is easily my favorite.
Hmm.. it's gotta be Halo. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls all as runner-ups, but nothing makes me feel the same as hearing the Halo theme and bringing back all of those LAN memories.
Halo! I was a die-hard Xbox guy. I wasn't a campaign guy, but for local multiplayer and online multiplayer, nothing beats it.
Uncharted! All the games have been a blast to play and even the "weaker" installments have been great games in my opinion.
If there was more Luigi's Mansion games it would be that series, but until that happens I will pick Super Mario.
How can it be anything but Super Mario?! Whether the classics or newer entries - endless fun and replayability!
GTA series. It is probably the only game series I’ve played every single game in. Storylines are great and maps got bigger and better as the series moved on. Now if we could just get a GTA 6 at some point before I’m an invalid.
So I have some backlog in series, I think the stories are fresh and gameplay is fun
Thats a pretty tough one. I may have to go with Uncharted. With GTA being very very close.
Monster Hunter;I've always loved boss fights more than anything and this game is just straight up boss fight after boss fight. Mechanics change generation to generation but the basis is always the same.
The LoZ series has some amazing games that I wish I could’ve played on release, and that I’ve had so much fun with! Classics.
Finishing the Fight is… an experience. Halo: CE was incredible, Halo 2 was heartbreaking and ended with my favorite cliffhanger of all time, and Halo 3… I was at the edge of my seat the entire time I held my controller. I wish I could experience these for the first time again.
Would have to say Kingdom Hearts (including the non-mainline entries). Absolutely love those games. Mega Man X is a close second tho; I've beaten all of them more times than I can count
I'm going to go with the Halo series. I've enjoyed most of the campaigns and Multiplayer is amazing on most of the games. Call of Duty a close second.
The Jackbox Party Packs. Pretty much a staple in my friends group at this point.
The Legend of Zelda for sure. Not only great games but an entire history, incredible characters, amazing items, and puzzles.
I think the only one I haven't played was the handheld version, Ascension. But each game is solid and does a great job building on the lore..honorable mention to Mario, GTA and Assassins Creed.
Easy answer is Mario and Mario Kart. But I would say besides those are Fallout games. I only got into Fallout starting with Fallout 3. Even including Fallout 76 and I still think this is one of the best game series ever.
And then there was fire. Dark Souls + Bloodborne + Elden Ring
I mean I don’t know if I can decide between these two franchises….
Zelda. No question.

Honorable mention to Mario Bros, Halo, Gears of War, Disgaea.
Legend of Zelda without a doubt. I’ve played all the mainline games and even enjoyed Triforce Heroes. The sense of adventure has always been a major part of these, even in the original where you could draw in parts of the physical map that came with it.
I have to go with Zelda for all time. I haven't played all, or even most, but I always enjoy them.
I'm going with Kingdom Hearts. Story, emotions, gameplay, soundtrack, this series has it all.
Gotta be God of War. None of these have ever disappointed me and I'm giddy waiting for the next one in a few months.
Grand Theft Auto. Haven’t played enough of the other Mario Karts & I would be more likely to pick up a GTA over CoD.
Not easy, but I have to go with The Legend of Zelda. There are some big ones that I haven't played yet, but that doesn't matter. Every one that I have played is epic, deep, worth every cent spent, and when I look back, actually pretty unique when you look beyond a one sentence recap.