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Quest #100: Why do you game?

@elrey wanted to get deep for question #100. Why do you play video games?

It is something I have always down. Started as fun with me and my grandfather when I was young and still fun with the family and everyone I play with online.
To calm myself. Doesn't usually work, so I just have to try again the next day.
Gaming started as a bond between my best friend and myself. We would spend hours laughing as we shot each other with paint balls in perfect dark and kicked butt in smash bros. Now, it’s a social bond with my husband and our friends. We have met so many great people through gaming.
Getting a little heavy here, but:

Home wasn't great growing up. Being able to immerse myself in a game helped to not have to listen to or pay attention to it, and certainly kept me out of trouble. After leaving home (and ever since), it's just always been a place of comfort for over 30 years.
To relax...even though it has the opposite effect sometimes
It’s the perfect escape from everything. If your having a good or bad day you can just disappear into any game and just have fun or get mad depending on what game but it’s so addicting m. I don’t think any hobby could ever replace games in my heart.
I like the escape. I used to like single-player story games and big open worlds, but the older I get, the more I appreciate co-op and the social side of competition, like fun tournaments and casting events.
Because killing people in real life is illegal.
It's social, it's challenging, it's competing against people at any moment, it's silly, it lets me turn my brain off, it makes me work hard and strategize, and it's fun.
It's just a hobby I picked up as a kid. I can go long periods of time without playing (2010-2014 may of been my longest) but its a good was to relax your mind and I believe by the time we are at retirement age it will show that videos games can be beneficial.
It's the little free time I get and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it
Gaming is a way for me to wind down at the end of the day.
Because I love entering a world different from my own.
Enjoyed it as a kid, then used it as a social tool as a teenager, and early adult. Used it as an adult for many reasons. Coping while dealing with a marriage that wasn't healthy, to spend time with the kids, to spending time with friends. Sometimes it's just a fun escape to clear my head.
It started as a way to escape being bullied. Then it grew into a way that I could connect with a whole new group of people. Then it was how I stayed connected to friends once we went to college, and met new ones while in college.
It’s where I meet my friends and hang with them. Weekends nights are my party night and I party with the boys on the battle bus. It’s a place for refuge and fun time. A place to laugh until I cry and to share a drink
I can't really get into TV shows that much and gaming has always been a big part of my life especially gaming with people/friends. I love the challenge that games can bring and just the whole experience. I will admit though it seems like I'm not as interested as I used to be recently.
I enjoy great stories in games. Its kind of like when people read books, that they get sucked into it. Its a way to decompress and not focus on life as much.
I like to escape and be part of an interactive story in my single player games. Multiplayer - to socialize and satisfy my competitive side.
I like to have fun with my friends and relax every now and then. When I need to get sweaty, I end up playing worse.
I game to hang out with friends. It’s the reason I don’t play solos online. But I do the occasional single player game (Mario, Zelda, etc) to relax.
Getting to experience the vast amount of things games can offer that I would only ever dream of doing.
A nice escape from reality turned into meeting people from all around the world. @elrey said it perfectly, “I grew more and realized my gaming friends were closer to me than irl friends.”
Always has been to be social. Hang out with friends who are miles away in a virtual setting.
For me it's a couple of things. One; I like the challenge and second it's the escape into a story. In my opinion way better than a book. I get to be the main character and follow most cases a wonderful storyline.
It comes down to stories for me - I've always been the kid who wants to escape into a book or movie. With gaming, sometimes you're living through a complete narrative - like Last of Us, and sometimes you're providing the character's story through an open world, like Skyrim.
Don't know if I have a good answer for this. Just something I've always done since pretty much the time I was able to pick up a controller. Plus it gives me opportunities to hang out with people from all over the world
Lots to put here but at the top is getting immersed in a game’s story (GTA V and RDR 2 come to mind) and finding new friends. I’m a total introvert and my idea of a night out is at home so it’s fun to shoot the breeze while having fun playing games.
For fun. For competition. For challenges. To relax. To be wowed and impressed. To kill time on the toilet. For stuff to talk to friends about.
To escape. For fun. To experience new stories. Occasionally to connect with others. To kill time. To scratch that itch of wonder.
With the ability to transport into so many different worlds, from dodging a blue shell to discovering ancient relics there a no limits. The stories become so immersive I think it is arguably the best kind of entertainment. And now with a great community u can make friends and have even more fun!
Getting lost in a good story, escaping reality, and meeting new people in the community.
To get my mind off the real world for a little while. Stay in touch with friends. The competition. These are just a few reasons why.
There were games in my home. They were fun. I kept playing. I grew up and loved the stories more than movies and TV shows. I grew more and realized my gaming friends were closer to me than irl friends. I'm really happy to be a gamer.
When I first started playing video games, they weren't really seen as the "cool thing" to do. There was a nerd culture tied to it, and I embraced that. Similar to my favorite books, there is a true connection with some of these characters and their stories. Amazing how much gaming has changed.
Honestly don't think there's enough characters. I used to play videogames for fun. I still play games for fun, but now I find myself playing videogames now for the socializing aspect, to have something to be competitive at, to learn, to bond with my kids, for the jokes, the memes, (continued)
I've loved games for as long as I can remember. I've never been particularly competitive, but I treat games the way some treat books. I love getting to know the characters and playing them through their journeys.
To forget the real world. To just zero everything out and forget about things.
I'll need 1,000,000 characters to even come close. Fun, stories, bonding, creativity, art, emotion, friendship, family. I've even repeatedly joked [but I'm serious] about how Tetris has helped me with aspects of my job. I'm historically quite clumsy but gaming has even helped with reaction times...