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What is your favorite course?

You must pick one and only one.

Feel like this is my best track
Egg Cup - Excitebike Arena
It brings a bit of nastalgia to it :)
Egg Cup - Excitebike Arena
For some reason I have figured out how to maintain staying on the track and going break neck speeds doing jump boost and power slides on this track without coming in last.
Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway
Soley due to the fact that it's the only map I've taken the time to do time trials on, so I'm actually half decent at it!
Triforce Cup - Wario's Gold Mine
I love that this track doesn’t repeat laps. It’s a race to the bottom of the hill. Very unique.
Star Cup - Mount Wario
Nostalgia wins with me every time!
Leaf Cup - Yoshi Valley
Mariokart DS was my first Mariokart game and my favorite courses were always Wario Stadium and Waluigi Pinball so playing these on Switch is super fun!
Leaf Cup - Wario Stadium
Definitely Baby Park, it's small, high speed, and feels very hectic.
Crossing Cup - Baby Park
TOKYO!!! The system is broken and I couldn't even pick Tokyo...

I seem to do well here, hence I like it!
Golden Dash Cup - Paris Promenade
200cc is the best track in the game
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road
Love the colors and theme makes me want a giant cake 🎂.
Mushroom Cup - Sweet Sweet Canyon
I'm seeing a lot of wrong answers to this question so I just thought I'd hop in and let y'all know what's up ^_^
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods
The Wii's Mushroom Gorge course is my real answer but Wario's Gold Mine still SLAPS. One of the best designs to come from the Wii interation of Mario Kart and still my instant pick if I ever see it. Wario's Goldmine still transferred amazingly and is just as fun as ever in Mario Kart 8.
Triforce Cup - Wario's Gold Mine
It was bone dry dunes but my answer always changes. I really love this track. Most tracks on dirt/sand I rlly enjoy. According to my player stats in the game this is my fav.
Golden Dash Cup - Choco Mountain
This was my first 200cc course on bayesic training. Spent lots of time grinding away!
Banana Cup - Royal Raceway
Easiest choice of my life! I used to be top 10 in the world for 200cc time trials on this course but alas, those days are looooong gone.
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road
My profile picture says it all! But for real, I really enjoy the extreme enhancement of this track from the GBA, and I think the track design is simple yet fun. Can be a challenge, but that's what I like about it. Also, they ruined Coconut Mall and haven't added Waluigi Pinball soooo.
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land
Best shortcuts in the game and a blast in general
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road
I really like the not loop courses and I like Sci-fi
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road
It's not exactly the same, but it brings back a bunch of nostalgia to race this one. This was the second game I ever played on the 64, and was the most common way our family would gather is around those 4 tangled controllers.

Also love the element that the map has moving hazards. Always challengin
Shell Cup - Toad's Turnpike
Need to represent the true north. Canada!!!
Leaf Cup - Sherbet Land
For some reason I do really well on this track and not many people seem to like it so it's a win win for me!
Egg Cup - Mute City
It’s a lie but if you don’t like Dry Boners then you’re not one of us 😂
Special Cup - Bone-Dry Dunes
By far the best course!! Wild woods is a close second!
Leaf Cup - Yoshi Valley
N64 levels are all my faves
Banana Cup - Royal Raceway
Nothing more than nostalgia reasons.
Banana Cup - Royal Raceway