Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

"I don't feel like I need to make a big explanation for why this game is so good. Best in the series and thank you Nintendo for the DLC's and not making us buy another game for new courses."

Mario Kart 8

"Everyone is gonna hate me for ruining the rating but this is honest opinions and this game hit than didn’t hit anymore"

Mario Kart 8

"This was a 5 star game *before* I discovered The Dad Gaming's Mario Kart group a couple years ago.. now it's one of my favourite and most played games in all my 30+ years of gaming. Thank you to everyone who races, battles, and memes with me. You know who you are!"

Mario Kart 8

"This game is to hard to be a kids game "

Mario Kart 8

"Best Mario Kart game. By a mile. Can't wait for Mario Kart 9 in 25 years. "

Mario Kart 8

"Best Mario Kart game in my opinion, and the fact they are providing updates for the game shows Nintendo knows how much people enjoy this one."

Mario Kart 8

"I love Mario Kart and I'm so happy this game is finally getting some updates after years! I'll learn to not drive off the map someday!"

Mario Kart 8

"One of my favorite games to play with friends, very excited for the new DLC. Controls for the game are flawless with very fair combinations that do not rule over each other. "

Mario Kart 8

"Enjoyable but incredibly unrealistic. A plumber would never have access to this many vehicles. "

Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 8

"I've owned or played most Mariokart games, but this is by far the best. The gameplay is great and it helped me to connect to people all over the world. Also this game has got my competitive juices flowing again, where I used to get it from sports(ACL tear and old age will do that)."

Mario Kart 8

"I had not played Mario Kart since Double Dash, but this was the first game I played on my switch! And man does it deliver! With the addition of new courses, this game keeps showing why it’s one of the most popular games on the market!!"

Mario Kart 8

"When I had a switch this was one of my favorite games. There are so many different customizations you can do to your liking and there is something for all skill levels. The courses, decorations, music, and abilities are so good. This game is fun with friends and family this is one of my favorite games at the arcade. WAHOO!"

Mario Kart 8

"Let me start off by saying: this game, like many others would say, is nothing short of amazing. It's stages, characters, music, they all are steps up from most previous games. Well, for the most part. I would like to warn you that while this may be a negative review, it does not mean I dislike the game. I just think there are a lot of low points that should be discussed, and I am slightly afraid for the future of Mario Kart. 1. The character roster is abysmal. Filled with characters that just take up space like Metal Mario and the Koopalings. They also have gone out of their way to make entirely new characters just to make them nearly complete clones of others, like Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach! They added some more fan favorites in the jump from the Wii U to the Switch, but the problems are still there, and glaring. 2. The dlc additions are good, but they scare me. I really enjoyed the non-Mario related characters we got with the dlc, however not all of it is great. Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario were unnecessary and tacked on likely to promote Super Mario 3D World. The other characters were fun and certainly a good idea, but it is not very innovative, and takes away from the special feeling Mario Kart has. Now it has become more of a crossover game, with more than just karts and mii costumes, full characters and stages are here. Maybe they are going for a more connected world between the series', but Mario Kart may never truly be "Mario" Kart again. 3. The new dlc. I like the approach they are going with this, but the fact that all they are doing is practically importing tracks from Mario Kart Tour and slightly touching up on them makes me think that this was not made for anything aside from just taking more of our money. Eventually, half of the DLC tracks will be from Mario Kart Tour, and I don't see that being a good thing. Anyways, that was my review. I know it was lengthy but I appreciate you reading it. Yes, I love this game, that's why I gave it 5 stars, but the above reasons are why it is not quite as good as people say, and why I am worried for Mario Kart's future."

Mario Kart 8

"Great fun as a party game! Looking to add this to my community Games roster on stream!"

Mario Kart 8

"This is a great continuation of the series"

Mario Kart 8

"I'm awful at this game and I still love it. That's how you know it's a good game. Wa-hoooo!"

Mario Kart 8

"It’s really incredible to see how far MK has come since SNES. I loved the concept back then and love it even more today. All of the characters, unlockables, tracks, items - Nintendo has been ever consistent with this game and knows what its players have come to expect. Accessible to all, mastered by few, and always fun."

Mario Kart 8

"Mario Kart has had a special place in my heart going all the way back to SNES. I used to make my little sister suffer the knowledge I gained from my Nintendo Power Magazine subscription by using every trick and angle in the book! Now I get to continue that wrath with my children?!? Yes please!

Mario Kart 8 has everything that a father who’s lived through the past 30 years of Mario Kart installments could want. Mario Kart 8 will continue to be the battle ground upon which we resolve conflict in the household as I continue my turtle shell dominance.

Mario Kart 8

"The best in the series so far. Takes all of the best things from the other games (except for double driver action from the Gamecube Kart, Double Dash) and puts them into a well executed package with an ever expanding track list. The number one reason to own a Switch!"

Mario Kart 8

"Great game, allows me to be humbled by my children."

Mario Kart 8

"Spent so much time trying to three star all of the circuits. Totally worth it"

Mario Kart 8

"TDG brought me back via kart gangs.
My only complaint was season 28 of kart gang finals was rigged against team 5"

Mario Kart 8

"Fantastic game, good level variety, and I can crush all my kids on the regular."

Mario Kart 8

"This is the first Mario Kart I've played since MK64. Originally got it during the pandemic for the kids, was immediately sucked back in to the hype of MK64 days. Such a wonderful game, fun for all ages, and with the addition of the 48 tracks, I don't know how future Mario Karts will top Mario Kart 8 Deluxe."

Mario Kart 8

"A great game to bring the family together for some friendly competition. With tracks, karts, and additional items that can be unlocked as you move along, this game has lots of replay ability and is a great couch co-op!"

Mario Kart 8

"A true classic. Best racing game ever."

Mario Kart 8

"Classic game to play with the family, kids love it, wife loves it. Always a good time."

Mario Kart 8

"Have always loved Mario Kart, since the SNES days. I just recently picked this up and I'm newly addicted. I play it with my son a lot, we have a great time. "

Mario Kart 8

"Let me talk FOR REAL about Mario Kart 8. There have been 7 other Mario Karts, and I have played all but 2 of them, so I think I can consider myself pretty much an expert here. I will tell you the good, and the bad. First off, this game is bangin'. Lots of characters to choose from, lots of customization options, and lots of tracks. They even let you give them more money for more tracks that they haven't even released yet, and I did it because GIVE ME MORE. This is a great game for kids too, even if they don't have the best kart racing skills yet, because the items you get improve as your placing diminishes. Like in 12th place, instead of bopping around with a bunch of coins and mushrooms, you get THE SERIOUS GEAR like being able to turn yourself into a Bullet Bill and make up some distance with a quickness. Now for THE BAD: As you can tell by the neon rainbow that threw up all over the cover of this game, it's very visually active, so playing single-player on a 75" screen is a very different, and much easier experience than racing the same maps on split-screen, or on a smaller device. The solution, obviously, is to invest in massive screens and multiple Nintendo Switches, but I got kids to feed."

Mario Kart 8

"Earns its spot as top racing game. There's a reason it is still being played after all of these years. Also great to see the new content coming."

Mario Kart 8

"First rule about Wolves Den… Tell everyone about the Wolves Den."

Mario Kart 8

"I love this game so much. I'm a Gamecube Mario Kart girl but this is close enough to it that I'm able to decimate my children and finally gain their respect."

Mario Kart 8

"This game keeps getting better. The addition of 48 more tracks in the expansion pass has made the best game of all time even better."

Mario Kart 8

"When you have a perfect game, you just add to it. Really feels like this is the peak of kart, and it's a high peak. "

Mario Kart 8

"One game that i do not mess around with, if im playing im playing for 1st. I refuse to play this in TDG because ill never win LOL"

Mario Kart 8

"Next gen Mario Kart....kinda may have been on the Wii U and now on the Switch, but it's still super good. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a party game to play with family and friends."

Mario Kart 8

"Thanks to TDG for getting me back into MK. I bought my switch and MK 8 came with it. At this point I think I bought MK 8 and got a free switch. "

Mario Kart 8

"Not only a great racing game but introduced me to a great gaming community. The game itself never gets old and with new tracks coming we'll be playing for years to come. OK!"

Mario Kart 8

"First off what’s not to love! This game is E for Everyone is a Winner! I’ve had fun playing with family or throwing beers back with the boys. If you have a switch it is a must buy! See ya on the track…"

Mario Kart 8

"Not only one of the most fun racing games, but probably the best switch game to ever come out. It’s a must have for all switch owners "

Mario Kart 8

"Come on... who isn't going to give this 5 stars :)"

Mario Kart 8

"I don't think there is another racing game out there that can top it


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