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Mario Kart 64
Final Fantasy VII
Tony Moreno Minigame Spartan
Dad, Therapist, and Gamer. Co-caster for @haloinfinite and @fortnite with @TheDadGaming . Gong Show: Event that proves to be a disaster, often in a fun or memorable way
Game is so damn fun. It takes a cute “Pokemon” type setting and infuses mature themes.

It’s essentially Pokemon Legends Arceus if it were a survival game. Capture them, battle them, make them work for you, do raids, get legendaries, and then eat them if you’re hungry. All while you build a sweet base. Did I mention there’s guns too?! It’s a blast
The Finals
The hype has worn off for me. Terrible balancing. Poor matchmaking. Blatant cheaters. Lack of game modes

It’s an absolutely awful game to solo queue. The gameplay itself is fantastic, and it does take a lot of teamwork/cooperation. Which is why it has 3 stars from me.

But after a month of playing, there’s just too many issues. If the devs can keep up with the updates then it has potential, but right now you’re not missing anything besides a headache
Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Here it is...After 30ish hours I have 100% completed the game and achieved Platinum.

The game's storyline is phenomenal. Insomniac did justice to the variety to Spider-Man characters within the game. Sandman, Kraven, and Venom were just perfect. The free roam of the city is always a blast. TONS of easter eggs throughout the game, and although I'm trying to avoid spoilers, there's even an "Across the Spider-verse" easter egg somewhere in the game connecting it to the movies. Even after you finish the main story, there's still a ton of side missions that add to the storyline. Some might even choke you up.

Spider-Man 3 will happen, and I cannot wait for it. If you own a Playstation 5, play these games as they're just a fun time

Final Fantasy XVI
Well...I am 14 hours in and about 50% through the "main" story.

Just has my vote for GotY. The story itself is one of the best of all the Final Fantasy franchise. Imagine Game of Thrones but with Final Fantasy elements. The mature theme appeals to the older crowd in a great way. It is one of the best RPG games I have played in a long time. Play the demo and the first 2 hours set the tone for the entire game. The cheesy-ness and cringe dialogue of previous FF games is no more (looking at you laughing Tidus).

Although the combat is fast paced, it takes a bit of skill to properly navigate combos and abilities, while also healing and commanding your dog, Torgal. Then you add in the "cinematic" sequences within some boss fights and it adds an entirely new element to the game.

I had some doubts going into this game, but no more. The story, characters, and combat have just sucked me into another world. Unless Spiderman 2 blows me out of the water, FF16 is the Game of the Year.

P.S - You can pet the dog (Tor-GOAT)
God of War Ragnarök
Ok…it was much better than GoW 2018. I thought the story really picked up and the Norse mythology really came through in this one. It’s simply a game you can get lost in. Combat was pretty smooth, although not my favorite. It’s your textbook PS exclusive. Just play it and enjoy it
Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
The perfect remake that keeps its NES/SNES graphics, but more vibrant colors. Highly recommend if you’re a fan of the series
KartRider: Drift
They could do a bit more. This game has had betas and demos since 2020 so I’d wish to see a better variety of maps and features. Gameplay itself is there, but definitely not as in depth as MK
Job Simulator
I dont mind the game, but the kids really love this game, specifically on VR. I mean, it's probably teaching kids bad work ethic by throwing coffee mugs at customers and eating their food before serving it, but they'll learn eventually
Clash Royale
Solid mobile game and was one of my favorites for a while. The grind is real and had a decent PvP arena mode
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Today this game has been out 14 years. It’s a great RPG with a very “MCU” type story plot. Wish they would port these games to ps5/xbox
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Comparing the original graphics from the PSP to now, it’s a night and day difference. They did a phenomenal job in remaking this game. Also love how the game flows directly into FF7. Also worth noting that the voice actors from Crisis Core Reunion are mostly the same from FF7 remaster (cloud, Zack, Sephiroth).

I expected a different ending based on ff7 remaster but the game stayed true to its roots
God of War
The game was overhyped IMO. I was expecting some big awesome storyline where I’m constantly fighting Norse gods, but it was a very very slow story. It took me 10ish hours to start becoming invested. The gameplay/graphics look phenomenal. The combat system is pretty smooth. I’d recommend if you were on the fence, but as I said, I think the hype really hurt my expectations.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
I’m just going to completely ignore the small bugs/issues since that’ll most likely be fixed soon (crashes, party issues, UI issues, etc…)

Based on gameplay, this game is pretty similar to MW2019. Movement, guns, etc…. I am enjoying it and I feel it’s much better than Vanguard and Cold War. They removed slide cancelling and bunny hopping, which reduces the skill gap and IMO keeps it more level.

My issues: the gunsmith/weapon progression is messy. 6 hours of playing and I am still confused with it at times. They’re trying to reinvent the wheel here and it didn’t work. It also forces you to use crap guns before you can get a better one. Like I said, I just do not understand the need to change it when it has been the same since 2007

If you’re irking to play COD, I’d recommend it. It’s got the feel of previous MW games. It’s easy to play slower and I actually think the skill gap in this game is not as crazy as other games like RL, fortnite, or Halo

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Used to be one of my favorite fighting games. Something about it was so fulfilling as a huge power rangers fan
WCW/nWo Revenge
Instant nostalgia when I saw this cover. Used to max out the 4 player slots on my n64 with my buddies and play this for hours. The most fun wrestling game I’ve ever played
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Simply put, it was arguably the best COD ever made. The simplicity of it along with the competitiveness made it perfect.
Apex Legends
One of the most unique BRs out there besides fortnite. Fortnite adding building mechanics, Apex added distinct classes. I don’t play too much, but it’s always a game I have no problems picking up and playing.
Ok hear me out… the gameplay was phenomenal. The environment was gorgeous and the abilities of each Javelin was so well balanced. Even the story was pretty good. I would grind this game going for the meta.

The simple problem was the end game content. There were literally 2 missions you’d play over and over and over and over again going for the best gear. It got stale really fast. It had the potential to be a Destiny killer, but the lack of support the devs had killed itself.

If you want to put 20 hours into the story and feel like iron man, I’d recommend it. But don’t expect anything else after the story
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
One of the best spin-offs/prequels square enix has ever made for their games. This game flows so perfectly into ff7 and it’s a must play for any ff7 fan. It’s also absolutely crucial to play this game before you play the ff7 remake
Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee 3D Golf
This game is amazing on the arcade/trackball. You will literally find it in every bar and for good reason. It’s a great party game. I have my home arcade and I probably have played Golden Tee more than any other game
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
I’m gonna be that guy…

I did not like it. I tried to push my way through but I just couldn’t. The open world aspect is phenomenal. The fighting is pretty fun, but that’s it for me.

The story isn’t anything like OoT or Majoras Mask. I felt lost at times and having to do the shrines to get more hearts/stamina just felt like a chore. The weapons breaking every 30 seconds is annoying. I’d much rather trade off the open world for a more linear story that was more enticing
Phantasy Star Online 2
Came out about 10 years ago i min Japan only and after Microsoft stepped in, they were able to push it to North America. There’s actually 2 versions of this game regular PSO2 and the expansion New Genesis.

The regular version is pretty linear. It’s a decent F2P MMO in a cool futuristic environment. My issue with the original is that it’s pretty linear and can get stale. The crafting system is pretty complicated. The battle system is fast paced and makes a lot of fun though.

New Genesis is much more open and IMO a breathe of fresh air for the franchise. If you want a F2P MMO to mess around in, I’d highly suggest this game. They add more combos and new mechanics to the fighting which make it faster and more fluid. I sunk 300+ hours into the game, but unfortunately they released it too early. I beat the first part of the story and it was super easy to reach the level cap. Not much end game content besides “fashion” and getting cool clothes.

Like I said before, if you’re looking for a new MMO to play, this is pretty easy/fun to get into. Just don’t expect some amazing end game grind.
Final Fantasy X
The first Ff Game for the PS2 and I remember being blown away by the graphics. Last great story of the FF franchise. The ones following aren’t bad, but nothing like 6-10. Also one of the first with voice acting, which helped build the story so much more.

Ff10 also had one of the greatest side activities with Blitzball. I’d find myself recruiting players and playing blitzball for hours. It was just a very well made game in all aspects
Final Fantasy IX
It’s a great game. 7, 8, 9, and 10 are my favorites from the franchise. Ff9’s story is just slightly less than the others for me. It also brings back the “4 player party” system which is a fun aspect to the game. I wouldn’t recommend this being your very first FF game, but it’s a must play if you’re a fan of these games
Final Fantasy VIII
IMO the most underrated FF game out there. It’s top 3 along with 7 and 10. Storyline was a bit more “grounded” compared to most other FF games. Also one of the only FF games where you can get some characters ultimate weapons within the first half of the game. This is a must play title for any RPG fan
Final Fantasy VII Remake
I love this game. It’s a complete retelling of the original game and adds a unique element to make it feel completely different. The battle system is different and much faster, but still has the turn base element to it. Don’t expect a shot for shot remake, but rather look at this as it’s own game separate from the original
Final Fantasy VII
My first FF game I ever played and paved the way for my obsession with these games. I think it’s one of the best FF games out there and it has created a series of spin offs/prequels that has shaped the ff7 universe to what it is today. Story is phenomenal and I’ve replayed this game more than any other FF game.

Also a really simple system in terms of leveling up/equipping items/magic. It’s pretty much equipping different “materia”. Must play if you’re a fan of RPGs
Pokémon Sword and Shield
Meh…it’s a Pokémon game and I was wowed by the graphics when it came into the switch, but the story was the same as the others and it is probably one of the easiest Pokémon games I’ve ever played. If you’re a hardcore Pokémon fan, you’ve probably powered through it, but if you’re a casual fan then you’re not missing out.
Pokémon Legends Arceus
Starter Pokémon suck… BUT, it’s one of the best mechanics of any Pokémon game ever made. Catching and battling Pokémon in an open world is the Pokémon game we’ve always wanted. It also had a pretty solid storyline and strays away from battling and focuses more on studying/catching Pokémon. A phenomenal Pokémon game for all fans, casual or hardcore
Pokémon Red and Blue
I’ve played a majority of Pokémon games and this one is still top 3. Maybe it’s the nostalgia or the simplicity of the original, but this is the only Pokémon game I’ve replayed at least 6 times.
Fortnite is truly a unique game with its building mechanics, and this is a big reason why the skill gap is so large. They’ve done a phenomenal job with events and constant updates, as well as adding new features to keep the game fresh. The new mobility and the no build mode is what solidified the 5 star rating. Definitely one of the more fun, frustrating, and better BRs to ever come out.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge
I love it. A great pixel throwback to the old school games. Arcade mode is your old 1980s style game where you have limited lives (quarters). You only have 3 “credits” to beat the game.

Story mode takes the old arcade fighting style and blends it with modern day achievements. Your progress saves and you have options to break away from the main storyline to complete side missions. They truly did a great job and multiplayer adds to the nostalgia. An absolute great game with the kids as well