Channel 3 Championship Series: Mario Golf Super Rush
06/15/2024 09:00 PM EST
14 going, 6 maybe, 9 no
The Channel 3 Championship Series heads to Mario Golf Super Rush for the month of June. Get ready for a night of Speed Golf that includes both points play and timed play.

Swiss Rounds

  • 2 players

  • 3 holes

  • Rookie Tees

  • Strongest Wind

  • Special Shots: OFF

  • NO Mii's

  • Basic Clubs

Each round in the Swiss bracket will be a 1 v 1 , 3 hole points match. We will use these rounds to determine the top 16 that will move on to our four-some bracket play.

Four-some group play

The top 16 will form four groups and play 3 holes, with the winner of each group moving on to the finals. Special shots WILL be on and scoring will move from points to time.

Final Four

The final four competitors will end the night with 3 more holes to determine the Channel 3 Champion for June.
  • SAME teams each round
  • 6 Rounds