TDG Chicago Smash Tournament *IN PERSON ONLY*
06/22/2024 10:30 AM EST
Smash Squad
22 going, 1 maybe, 7 no
This is a competitive, 1v1, double elimination tournament. Each match is a best of 3 fights with the following rules:

Rule set:
3 Stock
Time Limit: 8 minutes
Items: Off
Stage Selection: Start on Pokemon Stadium 2, Loser of previous match picks next stage from legal stage list.
Stage Hazards: Off
Final Smash Meter: Off
Spirits: Off [1]
Damage Handicap: Off
Launch Rate: 1.0x
Score Display: Off
% Show Damage: Yes
Mii Fighters and their respective custom moves are allowed. Movesets (specials) will be shown at the beginning of the match.

If time runs out, the winner is first determined by how many stocks remain, and then by the percentage after time is up.
If both stock and percentage are the same, or a game ends in both players losing their last stock at the same time, then a tiebreaker is played, which consists of a 1 stock and 3 minute match with the same characters and the same stage
  • SAME teams each round