Rocket League - Season 8 Week 13 -- Season Finale!
06/26/2024 09:50 PM EST
Party Up
13 going, 5 maybe, 7 no
Critically acclaimed Rocket League tournament utilizing the Channel 3 platform.

This event will be streamed on the Channel 3 twitch page, so go ahead and click on the channel above and follow! Also, Be sure to RSVP to the event so that you'll get notified and be able to check-in. This stream will be handed off after the Fortnite and Fall Guys events, so tune in or join all the action yourself whenever you can!

  • Have fun!!

  • Only registered Channel 3 users should play

  • Make sure your gamertag is listed on your Channel 3 profile

  • Add your Rocket League Tracker link to your profile under 'Game Stats'

How to join
Balanced teams will be formed live on stream based on MMR. You can request a teammate in stream chat, but no promises.

You must CHECK IN by clicking the big blue CHECK IN button to be placed on a team. You'll get a notification after teams are finalized. Be READY to party up with your teammate as quickly as possible in Rocket League. You can use for voice chat. Make sure your gamertag info is on your profile so your teammate knows how to reach you.

After teams are formed, brackets are created using Channel 3. You'll get a notification when you have a match. Check out the bracket and coordinate with your opponent. We use private matches. The lower # team creates the match. So if it's Team 1 vs. Team 5, the name and password would be ch1 / ch1.

When you're finished, don't forget to report your scores.

Good luck have fun.
  • Teams of 2
  • NEW teams each round