Fall Guys - Season 8 Week 11 (NO HUGS)
06/12/2024 09:25 PM EST
Party Up
16 going, 15 maybe, 0 no
Smeagol Rules tonight: Jump Club Only. NO HUGS.


  • Have fun and try your best :)

  • Only registered Channel 3 users should play

  • Make sure your gamertag is listed on your Channel 3 profile

  • Turn off anonymous mode where applicable

  • No teaming

How to join
Very easy! RSVP here and when the show is ready, you'll get a Channel 3 notification with the code. Fire up Fall Guys. Go SHOW SELECTOR, then CUSTOM SHOWS. Then JOIN. Enter the code provided and you'll be in.
  • NEW teams each round
  • 3 Rounds