Channel 3 Championship Series: Mario Kart 2s
09/23/2023 08:50 PM EST
Channel 3 Championship Series
39 going, 4 maybe, 5 no
A new twist on a familiar classic. Mario Kart is back to C3CS. But with a powerup: we will be running teams of 2. AND YOU PICK YOUR TEAM.

For the first time ever, you can register for an event AS A TEAM. Pick your teammate (they have to accept). Then you can name your team and upload a team photo. Hopefully everyone gets excited for this and can practice as a team leading up to the event. Also, we can attract non Channel 3 talent to sign up for the event as a team too. Like a regular ole esports tourney.

Don't feel intimidated if you don't want to TRY HARD. Depending on who all registers, we may hold different divisions based on play style and skill. Fun will be had by all. Let's-a-go!
  • Teams of 2
  • SAME teams each round
  • 4 Rounds
  • Registration required