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Baldur's Gate III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Party Animals
Fun game to play where you guess where pictures from google maps is on an actual map. Good time killer but be careful; You could end up playing for longer than you intend haha.
Baldur's Gate III
Way too early review.

To start I have never played any form of D&D. Not that I never wanted to or think I wouldn't like it, I just never came across the opportunity to play. With that being said I am ten hours in and I am liking the story and play so far. I know that as I play longer I will learn more about what I am doing and should be doing compared to what I know now. In my head I do a lot of comparing this game to Elden Ring. They are nothing alike but I went into buying a really hyped up game from a developer I have never played before (or any "Souls" game) to loving Elden Ring and the style of game. I am in the same realm now; never played anything like D&D before and beginning to like it and learn along the way. I can definitely see this taking 100 hours to beat but not because it drags out but because of all the quests and side things to do (much like ER). I plan on doing another review once I beat the game and know more of what I am doing. Much like my beloved Elden Ring, I feel like this is a good game for a novice of the genre to hop into and learn. I imagine my second run through will be more fun than my first since I will probably know what I am doing at that point. More to follow later....
I think is a decent time killer. I am currently ripping off the EZ Targoat and it does feel repetitive. I imagine each scam you run changes the chat a bit. I am going to keep playing to see what the story is. Looks like I will get some smarter goats a long the way of my scamming.

Some people may not like the theme of the game or what it condones. At the same time, shooting a hooker to get your money after getting some nookie in Grand Theft Auto isn't nice either. It's a video game, not real life. Have fun cat fishing y'all.
Army of Ruin

Game gets significantly more difficult as you play. You earn stars be completing various tasks when playing a level. The more stars you receive the more level tiers you unlock (Graveyard 1 has a second tier of Graveyard 2). The higher tiers have harder enemies and more waves. Definitely helps keep all the levels fresh. Very good game still.

Way to early review. If you like @vampire-survivors you will love this game. Has different arenas and each level is 10 waves of enemies. Seems a little to easy so far but I am hoping it gets more challenging. Game has upgrades and many unlockables including many different characters to play. Definitely worth the $5.99 pricetag.

Had to drop a star. The inability to manually save is killing me. Levels seems to be very long and if you have to stop playing halfway through a level and come back you will have to start over. Average level so far is taking me about an hour to beat. Should be able to manually save with such long levels or have auto save check points.

Way to early review. Gameplay video is mature for violence.

This game is awesome. I was afraid I was going to have a lull in gaming after just about 100 percenting Neon White but thankfully I was recommended this game. This game is a parkour speed running game that seems to be more story line and combat based than time trial. At the end of each level you are given your time and how many times you died so there is still a time trial element. Controls take a bit to get used to (especially the sensory mode) but after a short while it’s easy to figure out. Will update more as I play but this is another one of those games I may obsess over.

One other thing. You will die. A lot. So it can be frustrating a bit but there are check points through out the level. A seasoned Elden Ring player like myself is used to constantly dying in video games so this doesn’t bother me too much.
Rocket Racing
So far I am loving it. I actually hope minimal changes are made to the game right now. Classic racing with mini boosts from drifting while filling up a super boost meter that can be used with a press of a button. Controls are tight and smooth with tracks being set up perfectly for the soles and style of racing. Hope to see maybe rolling or flips that could be done to give mini boosts but if it doesn’t happen it won’t take away from the game. Getting fish tailed is annoying but I have caught up after having it done to me. Great game that adds to Fortnite’s repertoire.
Pokémon GO
I have not played this like I used too and probably should get back into it.

Go for walks and collect pokeballs from points of interest on a geo map and find pokemon as you go. It’s pretty simple to do. Throwing pokeballs can be a pain sometimes with the flick of a finger but it works out ok. Catch what you can and upgrade your pokemon so you can challenge other peoples pokemons at various gyms around your area. Promotes having fun playing a game while being active at the same time.
Angry Birds
Was an awesome game back in the day. It’s like castle destroyer back in the day except you are flinging birds with certain abilities at different structures trying to knock them down and defeat the evil piggies at the same time. I was amazed at how I could play this game on my phone back in 2010. Like many other mobile games this was ruined by the free to play system which destroyed mobile phone gaming in my opinion. I did see that they are offering the classic version for .99 cents which could be worth it. Still a good time killer but there are better mobile options out there.
Game is ok and a good three star. Added the extra star because I read any purchase removes adds. Best .99 cents I ever spent.

This game is awesome. Bumped it up to 5 stars. The artistic graphics go really well and gives you that Jet Set Radio and Hi-Fi Rush feel. This is basically Tony Hawk on rolller skates and guns. Game takes place in 2030 and it’s got a Running Man vibe to it where you are playing for your survival by eliminating enemies. The cooler you eliminate them the higher score you get. You can continue to the next challenge and round just by killing all enemies but you can also go back and get a higher score or complete level challenges (just like Tony Hawk). I really encourage anyone who likes Tony Hawk games to give this a shot. It’s a really good pick up and put down game that won’t eat up all your time but can still be played for longer periods of time if you want to grind the game out. If you have Xbox GamePass you have no excuse. It’s free. Do it!

Way to early review. Think of Tony hawk without the possibility of falling and you kill people. That’s pretty much what it is. Pull off a not so large variety of tricks to get ammo and aim to lock on and kill the baddies. I love the art style of the game. Looks like it’s just a single player game which is kind of a bummer but so far it’s been fun. Will update as I play. Free on Gamepass also.
Neon White
I really wish I got this game sooner. A very unique game that will remind you or Mirrors Edge. Parkour platforming time trial levels are highly addictive with very high replay value for each level outside of getting a better time. Story is intriguing with side quests you can unlock with different characters. There is a lot of sexual innuendo which gets a little old mixed with cringe dialogue from time to time but it doesn't take away from the game.

IF YOU LIKE TIME TRIALS YOU NEED TO GET THIS GAME. I can't recommend this game enough. Even if the Anime art style doesn't look like you cup of tea, I really suggest getting this game.
Stumble Guys
Minus one star for mobile touch joystick, minus one star for horrible controls, minus one star for ripping off Fall Guys. Two stars because I like Mr Beast.
Coffee Golf
I mean I guess it’s ok. I can’t see myself getting into this though. Pretty basic drag and release golfing.
I love this game and pretty much can't stop playing it but there are some flaws that make this a 4 star game at the moment.

Not to go crazy in depth but this is Fall Out in space. Like many Bethesda games, the game play is a grind and you get lost in side-quests. You get really lost in side-quest in this game. I have read the main story can take 30-40 hours if you play straight through without any side quests. I can definitely see how this game is meant to play long term and possibly intermittently.

My gripe at the moment is the mapping. I don't mean the star map or even the sytem maps. Its the surface maps. No way can I remember where everything is on New Atlantis. I spent about 20 minutes the other day walking around looking for a place to sell my booster packs while encumbered. They gotta make something to show POI of settlements or cities in the game.

The mapping is not a game changer for me but it does get me frustrated to the point I put the game down for a bit.

If you like crafting and base building then this is your game also. Its not my cup of tea but I have had to craft pharmaceuticals to do some self care.

Overall I suggest everyone give it a try. Stay on the main story line until after the "Into the Unknown" mission.
Party Animals
Very early review but I don’t think my star number will change.

Like most things in life, someone invents something amazing just to have someone come perfect that persons invention and take all the glory. I’m sorry @gang-beasts , your game is awesome and I loved it but Party Animals took everything I had complaints with about your game and made it better. This game controls and handles well, keeps rounds going (no more gang beats players hanging to the top of the wall for 20 minutes) and improves the types of maps and games to play. This game is awesome.

I have only played a few games but so far the game is 4 teams of two and the team to have the last man standing 3 times wins the game. It keeps rounds moving fast yet gives everyone an opportunity to win. Everyone will notice one team going good and then they gang up on them. Weapons are included in this game which can’t be pivotal in winning but be careful not to knock yourself out while wielding said weapon. Get knocked out too much and your get permanently knocked out which helps with players who are beating everyone up yet have trouble picking up people and tossing them off the map.

This beat’em up party game is sure to be a hit comparable to @fall-guys-ultimate-knockout and @gang-beasts . So far only 8 people in a game which is fine but I’d like to see it open up slightly.

I highly encourage everyone to get this on Microsoft GamePass or drop the $20 for this game. I am sure to see this featured on a Saturday Night Fight Night here in C3 in the future.
Monopoly GO!
Tried it and all I did was press a button to roll my dice. Have no clue what I was doing. Going back to Starfield.
Hogwarts Legacy
So I am keeping my original one star review below so I can be shamed for my ignorance. I hoped back on this game recently (so I could start beating games I paid for) and I am beginning to learn more of how the game should be played. The game is a definite grind if you want to unlock all the spells and get some coin to get new things which I have no problem with. I have been side questing a lot and decided to hop back onto the main quest again and so far I have been liking it.

My combat skills have improved with the dodging and deflecting. Basically I should left Hogwarts and started exploring more before I fell off. Once I learned too to sell everything I got and just change appearance I started making more money to buy more seeds and recipes. I really wish more games would do what Hogwarts did with the changing appearance. Keeps everything fresh and if you are playing a multiplayer game it keeps people from all looking the same with whatever the "meta" armor may be.

I haven't gotten into the roaming Hogwarts too much. I have unlocked all the fast travels but I know there are secrets and puzzles but its just not my thing. Maybe later in the game it will be but not now. Same with the Merlin trials.

I like the broom for getting around but I think the flight mechanics are clunky and needing some getting used too. Haven't gotten any Beasts yet.

I could see this being 5 stars as I play more since I am really beginning to like this which I am happy about since I was hyped for this game at first. Hope to beat this soon.

If you like RPGs and a little bit of Harry Potter give this a try.

*Original Review* Don't let @evolvixon see this review.

I am sorry I just couldn't get into this. I tried, believe me I spent money on it. I had a hard time with the map and figuring out where I was. Didn't help that there were staircases EVERYWHERE so I couldn't get a sense of direction. Way too much running around and talking to people also. I wish I could just use all my spells on everyone for fun at any moment. More freedom in the game. I want to try this again and have tried multiple times. I just always end up deleting the game and reinstalling Elden Ring. If I ever get to finish the game I will come back and think about upping it a star possibly.
Remnant II
Been playing about 8 hours so far and I am loving the game. It's definitely similar to gameplay style of "souls" games (with guns) but it seems to be much easier to jump into and understand. Game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth where you are taken in by a community and then it gets weird. You can hop in and out a different world but you aren't given the whole story yet of how and why but are you are given clear missions to start. How do you go about the missions? Thats what I am still learning.

You can play with friends which helps a lot during some tough playthroughs. What I found interesting is that everyone's gameplay of the "levels" is a different order. Sort of like a roguelike but not really. You will die a lot and just like a souls game, when you rest at a checkpoint you get all your health and ammo back but all the enemies are respawned and back to kill you.

One thing I normally don't notice too much but I do with this game is the soundtrack. Music is awesome and flows well with the intensity of some of the fights you get into.

I feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this game so I will update as I dive deeper. With the game only being $49.99 its a steal and I think everyone should give it a try even if you are remotely interest.
Disney Emoji Blitz
Mobile games are confusing. So much going on with upgrading and buying currencies. I miss the OG times of Cute the Rope, Plant Zombies, and Angry Birds. This game is like 100 other games on the App Store. Oh so not original.
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
The fact a baseball game was playable on Game Boy is what made this so good. Add to it Frank Thomas is one of my favorite baseball players growing up just made the game that much better.
Grand Theft Auto V
I may be going through the same thing I went through when trying to get into RDR2. I just can't get into it. I have a hard time controlling my self in a vehicle also. So far the characters are so over the top I want to mute my TV. I immediately quit and went back to RDR2. I'll keep giving this a try and update later.
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
This is probably the first RPG I ever played. I thought it was weird I had to take turns to fight. SInce this was my first RPG I thought every RPG had the timed button press for attacks and defense also. It was just a really good game to introduce people to RPGs and at the same time mix in classic Mario Bros. I think the people who made Mario Bros 2 made this game cuz you had to be tripping on something for this. A talking sword? Whaaaaaaaat.
Aladdin (SNES)
Disney must of hated kids back in the day. Games were pretty hard and if I remember correctly they were no saves either. Had to beat the game in a sitting. Aladdin was no different but the platforming was a lot better in my opinion. You also got a little break from the action with the carpet ride level with Jasmine where I think you could collect items to boost the number of lives you had. Sorry memory is clear on playing the game and my life for it but the details are fuzzy.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Brought the CoD franchise back to life in my opinion. Good variety of single player missions that kept it modern and fresh. Multiplayer was fun but at the same time CoD went really HAM on the micro purchases. They were all cosmetic but it made the game look goofy after a while. I really liked WWII but this was the best CoD since Modern Warfare 2.
Dinosaur Game (Chrome Dino)
Two stars; game made my eyes and head hurt. Google probably stealing info from me at the same time so lets make that one star.
This game is a walking simulator. The first 10 times I played I walked until I starved to death. I understand making something realistic in a way but its a video game. Give me a break. No map. No signs that are in an language I can understand. Just start walking. Don't trust anyone. I broke my leg and some dude came up to me and said he could help. I passed out and woke up with nothing. Dude was gone with everything. One time I made it about 4 hours into the game and was stocked up good. survived some PvP interactions and some zombie attacks. I was so nervous about loosing everything I stopped playing. Just give players a little help so we don't die from starvation every ten games.
Enter the Matrix
Played the game and had fun being part of the Matrix especially since I was obsessed with the movie. I swear I walked out of the that theater and didn't know what was real and wasn't and had no way to prove either. Although from what I vaguely remember I felt like I was going in circles and never accomplishing anything in the game. Probably because I was using lots of cheat codes. Also if you played this game don't act like you didn't play to see that (in)famous cut scene. Super risque for the time.
Super Mario Bros.
OG's know this is 5 stars. I don't think I ever beat this game as a kid. It took me being an adult to beat it. I think its was because I never was afforded the time to sit there in one long gaming session and beat the game. Ya'll young'ns don't know the struggle of no saves and beating a game in one session!
Red Dead Redemption
This one was more fast paced than RDR2 but I still think RDR2 was better story wise. Definitely a home run when it comes to the way they did open world sandbox games with it being in the West and on horses. I really need to play this again especially after playing RDR2 so much. I just remember this game was top ten for me after playing. I feel like when I play it again it will move because I will be able to connect more dots to the story with knowing so much about the Van Der Linde gang now before the events of RDR. A must play game in my opinion.
Mario Kart Wii
First time Mario Kart introduced what I see as gimmicky motion controls. I played this a little bit but it was right in the middle of my gaming hiatus so I don't have huge memories of this game. I did have it on the Wii and I abandoned the Wii steering wheel and bought a Classic Wii controller which made the experience much more enjoyable.
Dante's Inferno
Decided to try and play some older games I have an haven't played before and started with Dante's Inferno. I have played this before when it came out on Xbox 360 and I really like it then. I read Inferno in high school and was fascinated by Dante's depiction of what Hell is like. The game does a pretty good job staying close to the poem and Virgil sort of guides you and give you lore along the way. Obviously some artistic licensing is used to make the game good (like Dante being a total badass).

Gameplay is very smooth even 13 years later. When I say its a wash down clone of original God of War, I am not taking anything away from the game but complimenting it. It is really a fun game with God of War mechanics. Lots of button mashing and timing but you still feel like you're not just spazzing out and actually doing combos.

I think this game would look beautiful with todays generation of consoles. The graphics were amazing on 360 and still hold up today. If you have Game Pass this is a must play.

***NOTE*** If there was ever a game to not play with your children around it is this game. Ultra-violent with demonic and horrifying visuals. Also highly hellishly sexual when you are in Lust.
Destiny 2
I have no clue how I ended up playing this game but I can't stop. I love the mechanics and beginning to learn the customization's. For the game being relatively old it does a good job of on-boarding a new player. You just gotta take your time and grind it out. The game does give you back story on any DLCs you don't have. You can play all the campaigns from each new DLCs but you have to buy DLCs to do more online things like raids (I think; haven't gotten that far). Its a good change up though when it comes to gaming. I am just going to keep playing and learning as I go. I figured if I can learn Elden Ring by just playing I can do the same with this. More to come as I learn.
No Liga, no jugar. I am glad the two most corrupt organizations are parting ways after this game. Time for someone else to step up.
Marvel Snap
Alright i downloaded this game after seeing so many posts and I’m liking it so far. It’s a quicker more fun version of Hearthstone. Games are quick and looks like you don’t need to spend money to stay competitive at the moment. I’ll keep playing.

Sorry everyone. I had to change my rating. As with most mobile games, I got bored. I play a match about once every few weeks now.