Xbox One

Xbox One

"I was gifted this when I got out of the Army. Unfortunately I sold it when my wife got pregnant as I did not have the discretionary income at the time like I do now. I feel like this was far better than PS4 and the controller is much more ergonomic. Played the hell out Shadows of Mordor on this. Moral of the story; Xbox is better and outwork everyone around you (shelf stocker to inventory management) . If my uneducated ass can make it then anyone can. Xbox is superior. "

Xbox One

"Where I started when I got back into gaming! "

Xbox One

"Love this machine. Still haven't upgraded. Use my switch more, but still love my xbox one."

Xbox One

"This one felt like a step-back for me after the 360. Microsoft seemed too focused on having the best hardware and being an entertainment center, rather than on having the best games.
Plus with Bungie moving on to Destiny, the Halo franchise hasn’t been the same.
I’ll play Xbox with friends still, but Sony and Nintendo are my picks for solo gameplay."

Xbox One

"Loved it a lot but once O got my switch I stopped playing on it a little"

Xbox One

"This is the console that got me BACK into gaming after a decade of not playing video games!"

Xbox One

"Hardware wise it was a big improvement over the 360, but Microsoft dropped the ball on some games. They did a great job of making this your all around media box, and the Xbox One X saved the Xbox one generation.

I do still have my original day one Xbox one that is still going strong and used by my kids almost daily"

Xbox One

"Good, not great. I preferred PlayStation over Xbox for the Exclusives starting around this time but continued to purchase both. "

Xbox One

"Great system, automatically loses a star for the startup chime :) What, you’re trying to turn on the system without waking up your wife? WELL TOO FKIN BAD HEY HE’S GONNA PLAY STAR WARS INSTEAD OF SNUGGLE YOU BETTER WAKE TF UP"

Xbox One

"I went on a whim to the midnight release to buy the Xbox one. I then pre-ordered the One X. The Xbox one was a great entertainment system and gaming system!"

Xbox One

"Good system! Pretty comparable to PlayStations, but I’ve always been a PlayStation guy. Like the controllers better. "

Xbox One

"This is my favorite console outside of Nintendo. It is so good. I played countless hours on this machine. So Good"

Xbox One

"Remember this came out while I was in Korea & was the first purchase I made when I got back to America (the store on post couldn't keep them in stock long enough in Korea). I was blown away by the overlays, how smooth everything ran, the capabilities that it possessed. Before owning a Switch, I used to take my xbox with me in a backpack everywhere for gaming or just to be able to watch movies whenever we were traveling. Having a dedicated console at home is nice, but as a dad who often loses the tv to whatever the family wants to watch or my wife wanting to watch something, I started to spend less and less time playing (which sucked). I know the cloud gaming is coming around, which I started to get into, but lost interest in after getting a Switch."

Xbox One

"Got this day one. I remember the stress of thinking it wasn't going to show up day one, and my buddies were all going to get to play without me. The system was awesome, it didn't have any of the same issues that the 360 did with red ring of death. It was fast, and looked great.

Digital game sharing never turned out the way I had imagined. But it did eventually get me to start owning digital copies as well. Now with little kids, digital copies are a god send. I have some physical copies that I have gotten as gifts and things, and they have either been destroyed or lost as the kids played around with them while I wasn't home.

They tried to sell it as an all in one system day one. It didn't start that way, and definitely hasn't become that. If they could have found a way to do something with fire TV integration or something, it really could have been. I sold it to my girlfriend at the time (She's now my wife), that this was going to replace all our machines. It didn't, but was still worth it."








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