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Mr.Mime Madness
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Pokémon Pinsir Pandemonium
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Spoop Cr3w
Welcome to Uxorcist's Spoop Cr3w, where scares and gaming friendships intertwine! Our club is open to anyone drawn to the allure of the spoops(even a little bit), looking to make new friends, find folks to game with, or just breaking into the realm of spoopy games.

Share memes, complete quests and challenges, and participate in discussions. As a member, you'll be able to vote on future games, see early announcements, enter special giveaways, make new connections, suggest collaboration streams, and more! Join us FO' FREE and become part of an inclusive and spoopy community that's tailored for fans of the Uxorcist.

Streaming Schedule:
  • Mon: 7PM ET
  • Tue: 7PM ET
  • Wed: 7PM ET
  • Sun: 7PM ET
Events Schedule:
  • TBD!
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