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Resident Evil Village
League of Legends
kyrie zhang RedHawk Gamer
I love play NARAKA:BLADEPOINT and lol
League of Legends
"very good i like
But I think the balance of the game is a little bit poor, so I think we can change the balance a little bit."
Sons of the Forest
"the forest2:2 points, I admit that the forest1 is a very fun game, and I think people who play this second game play it out of emotion. The second game, however, is pure deception, and not only is it not very different from the first game. A lot of things on the map are stickers and not 3d interactive. Since this game has not been completed, I personally suggest not to use the heat of the first game to overdraft in advance to cheat consumers, and do not put the game on steam before it is completed. I still hope that the official can finish this game well."
Teamfight Tactics
"4. This is a game in lol. It changes every season and I think it's pretty funny. I can give different heroes different equipment through my own operation and my own thinking, each game is different, and the stage mechanism of this game is also very perfect. However, I think the game balance is not very good, and it is obvious that the content has not changed much over the past few seasons."