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Rocket League
Mario Kart 8
Joel Willis (@joel)
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3. I love video games.
It was very good. We won't get into the debate here, but if we had half stars, I'd do 4.5. Really solid game in all aspects. I'm a fan of cats, so I'm not surprised. But I think even if you hate cats, you'll like this game. High praise.
Ratchet & Clank 2016
It was fine. Will discuss more on a @video-game-book-club chat.
Gaming Photography
Was it just me or was the final boss of this game harder than the entire rest of the game put together x 2? Some great visuals after though.
Ratchet & Clank 2016
Stunning visuals, and the audio is even better. The sonic boom soundwave destruction section absolutely sealed the 5 star deal for me.
Alan Wake II
This game is.... impressive. In all ways.

It's a detailed story, rich with characters, who shift around in lots of different ways. I appreciate the story complexity.

While I did appreciate this experience and I enjoyed playing it. I'm not sure this game is for me.

I talk a lot about narrative/gameplay integration. Where some games can be all gameplay, no narrative (i.e., Fortnite). I think the best games have a tight integration where your gameplay drives the story forward, if that makes sense.

In this game I feel like the gameplay is almost an afterthought. In some cases you're literally dragging and dropping notes on a board while the character explains to you what it means and what is happening.

Or like if you go up to an NPC and chat, and it's like "press X to say this, or Y to say this," it really doesn't mean anything. You're just gonna mindlessly click through anyway.

I know there's a lot of games like this and this is nothing new. I'm just saying for me personally, I want more ability to affect outcomes with my gameplay.

K that said, the visuals in this game are stunning. It's freaking art. I'm a huge fan of the mixed media approach of having writing, music, film, etc all in one. This game had to have been a monumental undertaking, in terms of how many talented people had to be involved, as well as the coordination of having everyone do their thing and have it work together.

There are a ton of plot threads, and I bet if I pulled on some or thought too much about it, there'd be lots of plot holes. But I just greatly respect what they did here.

Definitely a unique gaming experience. I'm glad this game exists. It is impressive.
Rocket Racing
I've avoided seeing what the "critics" say. Just wanted to try it out and enjoy it (or not). Played for hours Saturday night. Rejuvenated my love for racing.
Gang Beasts
This game is ridiculous and ridiculously fun. My daughter put me on to it and we played several times, just crackling up the whole time.
Super Mario Bros. Wonder
I'll be honest. Initially I was going to rate this 4 stars. Like in my first 30 minutes of gameplay. It just felt very childish and almost cheesy. And a little too easy. I was thinking, "I get it, and it's pretty cool, but just not all the way for me."

Then I kept playing and it drew me in completely. Such a fantastic creation. Innovative and relatably familiar all at once. It definitely IS a kid's game, and I knew that, but it's very relaxing to play one level and then challenging at the right times.

Most of all I play this and I'm just so happy for all the really young kids getting introduced to video games for the first time through this game. This game will be their nostalgia. This is that formative gaming experience that they'll have. And WOW, what a great one it is.

This game is singlehandedly creating countless priceless lifelong memories for the next generation of video game fans. Doesn't get much better than that.
Jelly Boy
So unique. I was giggling at some of the simple mechanics. I had no idea this even existed.
That was ridiculously cool. I knew nothing going into it, and I'm thrilled with that. Very unique. And the cake was delicious.
The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth
This game is not for me but man all these mobile games a ridiculously good quality. For the little bit I played, my favorite part was being able to increase the speed to 2x or 3x. Very nice touch.
Bejeweled Blitz
How have I not rated this yet??? I know y’all are expecting a five star rating but ya know, it’s pretty good but not great.
It’s a fun lil game that I do enjoy but good god the ads. Can you pay to get rid of em? I might and then add more stars. (Update: ad free is worth it)
Sonic Dash
I’ve only played this because of Channel 3. So while the game is decent and gets 3 stars, Channel 3 deserves all the stars in the world.
Tomb Raider Reloaded
Everyone who played this today for the daily quest, don’t forget to rate it! Get that xp.

Here’s mine: It was okay. Probably won’t be back though.
Was gonna be a 3 until I stumbled upon the bonus level. That gets it an extra star. Ahead of its time.
Marvel Snap
I totally get the appeal. The graphics and animations are amazing. I haven't allowed myself the time to realllly get into it. Too busy.
Soccer Super Star
This game is a pretty stupid, ad-filled mobile game. That said, I play it all the time. Haha.@thelion found it, somehow. And now I play it because I'm trying to catch up to him on levels. It kills time. That is all.
It’s five stars how and it’s all Fortnite. Imagine what it’ll be when other games’ maps are in there. @thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild ? @apex ? Then it’ll be six stars.
I can tell I will love this. But I’m so bad at it after only two games. Gonna keep at it and may add another star as I progress and enjoyment increases.
Overwatch 2
I did not play the first one so take this for what it’s worth. But this game feels exciting and fast paced. I’m a fan already. My son asked what it was like and i said “Apex mixed with Valorant.” I’m sure that’s ignorant but don’t kick me off this site please.
Pretty cool. Just started playing with @thelion . Feels simpler than I thought it would be but I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface. Tho the team dynamics and ease of play could make this a good party game if you have enough people.
@jdayretro2693 reminded me of this. Played the crap out of it as a kid. Just seeing those throwing stars laying just below the floor is instant nostalgia.