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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Dennis Ace (3)
Grown Man Playing Pretend. Part Time Gamer, Part Time Techromancer, Full Time Father of a teenage daughter that enjoys gaming just as much as I do.
Mickey Mousecapade
This is the forerunner for the Chip and Dale platformer that was one of my favorites. You can see a lot of the ideas that were carried over and you can see changes that were necessary between this game and the superior Rescue Rangers.
Battle Chess
My biggest memory of this game is the King pulling a pistol to shoot his enemies. I'm a chess geek and this is basically this was Harry Potter's Wizard's Chess long before Harry Potter was a thing. Watching the pieces move out of the way for pieces coming through and then the battle scenes when a piece was taken was just wonderful. Some of the scenes were surprising brutal.
The Death and Return of Superman
Superman meets Streets of Rage. Beat up aliens and people that Superman could probably crush if he looks at them too hard, fight your way to Doomsday to die and kick off the real game. I loved fighting as the four Supermen, Cyborg, Steel, Superboy, and the Man of Tomorrow in their various and overlapping story lines. This was a solid game that stuck to the comics pretty well, but it was almost too easy. The good thing about that is that you got to complete the story, which was nice for a kid.
Cool Spot
This was the first standard platformer of this type that I played on the Genesis. At the time it reminded me of NES classics like Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. I loved this game and played it a lot. I have to imagine I'm remembering it better than it actually was, but I don't see anything wrong with that.
I had my doubts going into this. I even deleted after my first attempt, it just seemed sketchy and sleazy.

After listening to the devs talk about the game and finding out that there’s a story involved I decided to dig back in. It’s still sketchy, there’s nothing honorable about what you’re doing as the main character, but the ending is at least a resolution to an arc of something.

I’m glad I finished this one.
I've gotten so far away from PC Gaming that I can't give this one a fair shake. I downloaded it and played it a bit. My first thought was this looked like a poor man's Ori. I think it's meant to be a light weight puzzle solver, but I just feel like it could be better on Mobile.

I was surprised that it detected my Touch Screen Monitor and gave me options for interacting with the game that way.
Exploding Kittens
It’s fine. It’s more fun at a table with people that have been enjoying a few drinks and are already a little loopy.

They did a good job with the animation making the game look better than it plays.
5 out of 5 - Beautiful, unique, emotional.

Beautiful experience. I refrained from using the word "game", because while there are some similarities between Gris and your standard Metroidvania, the stakes are never high, the odds of "losing" are very low, and the dopamine hits you expect in a game don't come as expected.

The controls are easy to learn and new skills are quick to be mastered and applied to the puzzles that you work through, but all of that is surface level. The meat of Gris is in how everything drives you towards the eventual conclusion. The music, the camera, the colors, the character actions, and the set pieces all work together to evoke an emotional response that you don't expect. You're forced to either empathize with the main character or dislike this experience when it finally comes to an end.

I'm still not sure I got it...I know what I felt while progressing and I know how I felt at the end, but I'm not sure how I feel about how easily my emotional state was manipulated by something I bought on sale in the Nintendo eStore.
Rocket Racing
This is a solid racing game. The controls are easy to get, the ranked and unranked racing is nice to have, time trials make it infinitely questable and you can set up your own lobbies with your friends.

All free…
Injustice: Gods Among Us
This game inspired some of the best comic book content I've ever read. I loved Marvel's What If? comics and DCs Elseworlds, basically both being tales of alternative paths that destiny could have taken. The Injustice Universe basically tells the story of what happens when the worlds mightiest hero decides to use his power to rule absolutely in the name of saving humanity from itself.

The game is a fighting game, not unique or really special...more like Mortal Kombat than Street Fighter, but story of the game made it fantastic.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Smash Bros Melee was the first game I got so into that I had to finish it 100%. Collecting the trophies for the different, weird accomplishments in matches was so addictive that I couldn't put it down.

This was also the first real Party Game I ever owned. Golden Eye could be played by the same number of people, but it didn't appeal to the same cross section of people that Smash Bros did. No matter your background you knew some of these characters and seeing them wail on each other was just a blast. The ability to keep matches even by weighting people based on how many wins and losses they had meant that people that didn't play often or at all could still feel like they were doing well and were part of the action.
Ori and the Blind Forest
Fantastic game! This was the first game that I played because I saw others on C3 playing it and it didn't disappoint. The story is unique and the way it unfolds is very well done.

The game is much more challenging than I would have first thought. I expected this to be a relaxing game that I would sit back and enjoy like a Breath of the Wild, but the platformer mechanics are well used and complex. There was more than once that I had to try a jump over and over, killing our poor glowing hero again and again, before I was successful.

The way the background works in this game was very unique, things shift and move like you're in a real forest and sometimes things in the background have a direct affect on things in the foreground.

The music is top notch, it really pulls you in and leads you along as the story unfolds.

5 Stars and I can't recommend this one enought.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
This was just ok. It just doesn't hold up well in the wake of games that are clearly descended from it. It also doesn't have the nostalgia points since I had never played it before.

One positive, there isn't a ton of exposition like in modern games. The full intro is basically, "You're the Allies, the Nazis have Einstein, go get him". Then you get to figure it out as you go. I kind of like that in a game.
Devil World
Kinda plays like a Pac-Man clone, but the story here is more obvious than Pac-Man was and that’s not saying a lot. You’re a lizard fighting the devil and ghosts with crosses and bibles, I think. Not sure where the religiosity came from, but it at least gives you a sense of purpose and who is good vs who is evil. Not bad, controls don’t hold up well in the modern era but which game controls do?
Crossy Road
Simple game of Frogger with skins and an potentially endless level. It’s not bad, controls are simple and easy to use, characters are cute and sometimes very well done.
ToeJam & Earl
This would make a nice mobile game where you could store your progress and just come back to it whenever. Make the levels infinite and just keeping going up for as long as you can. As a console game, it's a long game without a lot of ways to die, but a lot of ways to progress backwards (fall off a ledge) and have to redo what you've done. Rage quitting could be an option, but then I'd have to start all the way over and that would be horrible.

I haven't played the 2 player mode in 30 years, being able to share the map and items would make this much more fun and again it could be a solid option for a mobile game.
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Not super crazy about it. It reminds me a lot of Dr. Mario and I was a big Dr. Mario fan, so the places where this is different come off as downsides instead of upgrades.
Team Fortress 2
It’s honestly a pretty fun game. I started out with first person shooter on Team Fortress Classic, this one is a solid upgrade in almost every aspect.
Coffee Golf
Nice lightweight golf game without a huge time commitment so far.

EDIT: Time commitments can change depending on the group you play with. This has become a thing at C3 and there are dozens of us playing and putting in significantly more time that I would have thought. Very enjoyable game. If I manage to win the C3CS of this game I will update to 5 stars.
Stumble Guys
This is rough…I never like games with the control stick like this. It’s painful to play.
Super Mario Bros 2
I’ve said it more today than in 30 years, but I love this game. So many good things about the franchise come from this reskinned, mistake of a game that you can’t deny it’s value to the series.
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
I'm reviewing this after finally completing the game. I set a handful of goals early on during my first play through and I met them all after about 500 hours of play time. From this side of completion, the only question that remains is was it worth it?

Absolutely, without debate.

Going back into Hyrule was like going on vacation to a place I had visited before where improvements had been made since the last time I visited. I knew the hot spots from before and wasn't disappointed to find them still there and still important for the most part. The new places, the new hotness, had everything that I loved about the old hangouts with new and exciting things to do and people to meet. It was familiar and comfortable and at the same time it was exciting and dangerous.

There was nothing disappointing about the experience. I find myself hoping for multiple DLCs to give me a chance to go back and continue to explore and uncover more adventures. (This review is being written the day after it was announced that no DLCs are planned, but we'll see about that)

I can't recommend this game highly enough. So much was just right and so much was beyond what I could have hoped for.
Ghosts 'n Goblins
From a time when the fun of the game was trying to beat a score, not advance the story. The score counter at the top would hardly be noticed by kids today. The fact that you can improve your score by spending more time killing zombies and less time running left would be lost on them.

Not that I’m much better…after 3 games and no level progress I quit completely. I need quicker gratification than I get from this game.
Flappy Souls
When the event started where this game was introduced to C3, I called Flappy Souls a tragedy of a game.

My take has changed since putting hours into it. It's really not that bad. The music fits the theme and it's...moving? I guess that's the right word for it. The cadence for getting the baseball cap wearing, duck hero to fly the way you'd like is hard to pick up. Even if you do get it right, you find the constant changing landscape and odd soundtrack to be the perfect villain to a game that requires rhythm and timing. You may make it through four dozen pillars in one turn and then hit the first or second pillar for the next two dozen attempts in a row.

What really changed my mind about this game was the metrics and stats. The "level" isn't your typical video game level, you don't go to new boards and you certainly don't "level up", it's more like a tracker for your level of patience with the game itself. The longer you play and the more attempts you make the less you dislike the sight of it on principle alone. You get to appreciate the complexity of a game that seems like it should be so simple. The souls that you collect aren't prizes to be won, they are distractions that throw off your game and you get reminded of how many times that has happened every time you go back to the start screen. This is light masochism in video game form.

I'll probably keep playing long after the high score event is over just to see if I can keep improving.
Marvel Snap
Nice, simple game that takes up ALL OF YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION.

User beware.

I’m a collector and a completionist, this game scratched that itch. The artwork and mechanics are great. Overall it’s a very good game.
Microsoft Solitaire
For a lot of people this was the OG computer game. Waiting for mom to get off the phone so you could connect to the internet you had to do something, so you played Solitaire. Easy to learn, hard to master. The fireworks for winning were a nice touch.
Tony Hawk's Underground
I loved this game. Making up your own skater, going though a skate boarding career. The best part was the level where you jumped over a flying helicopter. It was epic. It took all the best parts of Tony Hawk Pro Skater III and then added a fantastic story mode.
Mario Kart 8
I'm giving this one a 5, but really only because I'm getting into it again through @jedijohann and the Cr3w. The people you play with really make a difference in how much you enjoy a game.
The Legend of Zelda
I loved this game. I played it through to the end and then played the second adventure too. I was probably in 3rd grade, so 7 or 8 years old. This one is iconic, it lead to so many of my favorite games and gaming experiences. The story, to me, was original and struck a chord with me. Fantastic game and series.
Neverwinter Nights
My first PC RPG based on the world of DnD. @spinocolli introduced me to this game when we worked together 20 years ago. I played this one and the first expansion "Shadows of Undrentide". The point and click to move and attack which is now popular in games like DOTA was introduced to me through this game. It got at least one replay out of me in later years. Fun game with a solid story and lots of variations in each replay with the different species and classes that are found in DnD in general.
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)
I see a lot of 5 star reviews for this was ok. It scratched the Zelda itch between BotW and my first time playing Skyward Sword (a much better Zelda game). I enjoyed it and I finished it, but there just wasn't enough here to make it a satisfying game.
The first game I ever played that gave me a jump scare. When the crab creature fell out of the drop ceiling right onto my face, I nearly wet myself. Also, this game came with Team Fortress Classic, another game that I loved. The first real multiplayer, first person shooting, PC game that I played.
Metal Gear Solid
I never owned a PlayStation but my college roommate did. The fight between Solid Snake and Pyscho Mantis is a hard one to forget. This game almost convinced me to get a PS1. I did finally beat it, but first a friend of mine loaded my save game and beat it before I could. I was so mad I couldn’t see straight. Good times!
California Games
This was the first game that I would use the NES Advantage controller on. Having a turbo button was a game changer on some of the events. Half pipe, surfing with sharks, and roller skating down the California boardwalk are distinct memories I have of this one.
Bad News Baseball
This wasn’t a great baseball game but it was the first silly sports game that I ever played. I distinctly remember my players getting a hotdog every time they crossed home plate. Also the home run animations were pretty epic for the NES.