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Mario Kart 8
Cups League
Welcome to Cups League for Mario Kart! Be better!
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Club Admins
Dan Tucker
Mason Thibodeau
Joel Willis

Club Rules
Welcome to Cups! The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League that focuses on exhilarating 4 race sets. Each week we run three cups of varying styles!

TLDR Rules

- Races are at 10:10 PM EST on Monday nights.
- Sign up by 9 PM EST on the night of and check in between 9:50 and 10:05 PM EST, if you are late, we will try and accommodate if there is room in lobbies.
- Lobbies will be posted, and join your lobby in the Channel 3 discord lobby
- We will post the 3 cups we will run earlier in the week
- Lobbies are 150cc, normal items, NO CPU, and between 8-12 in a lobby
- Points (special points system for places) and medals are tracked for each lobby
- Medals determine the regular season winner
- Points determine the top 20 to get into the two-night playoffs.
- Winner from the regular season and overall cup champion from playoffs get prizes

Here are the full details if you wanna read more!
1. Cups league will run at 10:10 EST Monday nights. Check-ins will be opened at 9:50 EST and close at 10:05 EST.
2. Checked-in players will be assigned lobbies. One lobby leader will be designated to open the room.
3. Each lobby will run through 3 preset cups for the week. 150cc, normal items, NO CPU.
4. Finishing places in each cup will be tabulated in our season-long standings including Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
5. Championship standing points will be awarded for each cup in each lobby. 1st 15 points, 2nd 11 points, 3rd 9 points, 4th 7 points, 5th 6 points, 6th 5 points, 7th 4 points, 8th 3 points, 9th 2 points and places 10-12th will recieve 1 point.
5a. Yes this is a lot of data and we love it!
6. The top 8 Automatically qualify for the Season Ending Championship Race of Four Cups. (See Details Below)
7. Places 9-20 will race a last-chance qualifier for the remaining 4 Championship spots. (See Details Below)
8. Prizes will be awarded to both the Regular Season Champion and the Playoff Champion.

Season 1 Champion: jpegmario
Season 2 Champion: highflyinpenguin

Other Fun Information:
We encourage you to get on Discord! Hop in and chat with the other racers, it's a great time.
Can't make it one week? Only want to race your favorite cups? No worries; just check in the weeks you can make it and we'll find you races.
XP will be awarded for weekly participation!

Other Less Fun Information:
Ties in a regular season cup will award both players with points for the tied position (Sorry 022).
Medals will be shared as is the practice in other less prestigious competitions such as the Olympics.
Any midseason changes will be at the discretion of the Cup Council.

What is your Favourite Cup?
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