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ohtwotwo Cheesehead
Dani Ahrens Founding Member
Hector Reyes Admin
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Triple Daredevils
Official fan club for Channel 3's Triple Dare, hosted by Brian McGuinness and Dani Ahrens
Joel Willis Hard Stuck
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3
Dani Ahrens Founding Member
Hey! I’m Daniiii!! (They/Them)
Hector Reyes Admin
Father, husband, gamer, and teacher. Channel 3 admin.
Dan Tucker Be Greater
I came here to chew bubble gum and play video games, and I got some bubblegum right here. You are most likely to find Smash Brothers and Mario Kart here.
Brian McGuinness A little TOO Raph
Funny comedian & amazing voice actor. Host of Playable Characters Podcast.
ohtwotwo Cheesehead
husband. father of 3. veteran. 3x Mario Golf Champion. Mario Battle Golf Champion. 4x Kart Gangs Champ. Group B Champion. Probably time trialing...
Love God. Love my family. Love games.
White Thunder Turbo (14)
You don't have to be the best, just be YOUR best
James Taylor Game NPC
Husband, Father, Evangelical Cr3wstian
Darth D@v1d Target Goose Egg
One of the three westy only one that got ultimate xp
Sith Master and bearer of the One Ring