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Joel Willis (@joel)
Joel Willis AFK
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3. I love video games.
Dani Ahrens (@danioverhere)
Dani Ahrens Founding Member
Hey! I’m Daniiii!! (They/Them)
Tony Moreno (@gongshowdad)
Tony Moreno Stop the Stigma
Dad, Therapist, and Gamer. Co-caster for @haloinfinite and @fortnite with @TheDadGaming . Gong Show: Event that proves to be a disaster, often in a fun or memorable way
Hector Reyes (@rey)
Hector Reyes Never Sandbag
Father, husband, gamer, and teacher. Channel 3 admin.
BadIntel (@badintel)
I'm the Dadmin for The Dad Gaming. I enjoy a pretty wide variety of games, when actually have the time to play!
Dan Tucker (@dan)
I came here to chew bubble gum and play video games, and I got some bubblegum right here. You are most likely to find Smash Brothers and Mario Kart here.
daddyMANG (@daddymang)
daddyMANG Rosey
Father. Gamer. Rocket League is life. NJCAAE Spring 2023 National Champion Madison College "Wolfpack" Titletown eSports Professional Caster
Joob (@joob)
Dad, RPG Addict, Trivia guy.
 Mamba (@blockmamba)
Love God. Love my family. Love games.
Trashdoc16 (@trashdoc16)
Just a trash gamer who occasionally does something.
RAD_DAD (@raddad)
Husband, Father, Military
WiiFu (@wiifu)
WiiFu Shuffle
God first! Father of 2. Enjoyer of most games. Let’s play !
Bromigo Bromein (@cknbromein)
Bromigo Bromein Founding Member
Your favorite subpar 90s cranking, splat splooshin’, blue shell aficionado! Memer by weekday and streamer by weekend; trying to keep you as minimally entertained as possible!
 Simon Rondeau (@sprondeau)
Father of 2 and step-dad to 2 more. Located in Montreal and trying my hand at this streaming thing. Thanks for checking it out.
Justin Kennedy (@darthk815)
Don't tell me what I can't do!
ZonkedWesty (@zonkedwheat9999)
ZonkedWesty Target Goose Egg
One of the three westy only one that got ultimate xp
Malfurious (@malfurious)
So if a bowl of mashed potatoes became sentient, and the sentience was annoying, you would have me.
Uxorcist (@uxorcist)
Uxorcist 333k XP
UX Designer by day, horror and variety streamer by night. Many memes, so wow.
Dennis (@dennis)
Dennis Shuffle
Grown Man Playing Pretend. Part Time Gamer, Part Time Techromancer, Full Time Father of a teenage daughter that enjoys gaming just as much as I do.
koeppkick87 (@koeppkick87)
jklein8383 (@jklein8383)
jklein8383 1M XP
I'm probably at my son's practices or games. Video gaming sometimes happens.
abazeing (@abazeing)
evolvixon (@evolvixon)
Just your average nerdy mom
commandernici (@commandernici)
commandernici 333k XP
just a lil gay-mer living life loving video games
saturnrogue (@saturnrogue)
Just a dad trying to get better at games to defeat his kids. Father of 3 beautiful children.
LucarioKid13 (@nono)
LucarioKid13 Duel Me
Son of @joob , Minecraft and Pokémon fan, makes his own comics. Is up for duels
Ian (@ianr)
Might be a web developer in the future, but I'm always a gamer at heart
llamalauncher (@llamalauncher)
peachespeachespeaches7 (@peachespeachespeaches7)
mikexu (@mikexu)
🏳️‍🌈 UX Product, Graphic Designer ······ 🎮 任天堂が大好き Nintendo Nerd ······ 🐙 Splatoon Roller Player S2XP2370 S3XP2279 ······ 🗣️ ENG/CHN/JPN OK
themrgabe (@themrgabe)
ginomaximus (@ginomaximus)
Recently became a father and looking to game online while the baby sleeps :) I also stream on Twitch sometimes