Got Some Bad Intel Going into the DMZ
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What's Your Choice of Slap Juice?
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Favorite Military Themed Game
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BloodAngelGaming Game NPC
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Super Mario Bros. 3
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0
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Service Member Gaming (SMG)
A gaming group for active and former military.
Joel Willis Hard Stuck
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3
Hector Reyes Admin
Father, husband, gamer, and teacher. Channel 3 admin.
Reuben Qualls Here since Season 0
I'm the Dadmin for The Dad Gaming. I enjoy a pretty wide variety of games, when actually have the time to play!
Dan Tucker Be Greater
I came here to chew bubble gum and play video games, and I got some bubblegum right here. You are most likely to find Smash Brothers and Mario Kart here.
ohtwotwo Cheesehead
husband. father of 3. veteran. 3x Mario Golf Champion. Mario Battle Golf Champion. 4x Kart Gangs Champ. Group B Champion. Probably time trialing...
Trashdoc16 Wheel God
Just a trash gamer who occasionally does something.
Husband, Father, Military
White Thunder Turbo (14)
You don't have to be the best, just be YOUR best
Bromigo Bromein Founding Member
Your favorite subpar 90s cranking, splat splooshin’, blue shell aficionado! Memer by weekday and streamer by weekend; trying to keep you as minimally entertained as possible!
theb3ardedn3rd Game Miniboss
Hi I’m TheBeardedNerd, I stream, podcast, and make Youtube content. I’m a Marine Vet, Father, Husband, and full time blue collar worker. Say hey sometime!
Speak Knowledge
Father | Vet | Rocket League I'm a team player, not toxic, and good with passing and rotations, but my mechanics still need work.
BloodAngelGaming Game NPC
Father of 3 beautiful children 1 boy 2 girls I am 32 years old. Video games have always been my go too. Its a dream of mine to stream and have fun with people in the possibility of doing it full time!