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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Win this week's challenge by having the most shot ATTEMPTS in a duo or trio match.

You can't answer this Quest because it is no longer active.

First time player...2 shots 2 goals. Also scored on my team twice somehow so 4 shots sort of? 😅
First attempt: 5

I shall be back

2nd: 9

Came here to claim my victory but I see @mcitaly put in work 😭
I swear I had a few more but overall pleased with 5 & the two clips I got 🤣
I did have a game with 21 shots but I didn't get a screenshot of that one. I at least made 6 of these shots. The 21 shot game I made 1...
I'll start this off with 7. Shout out to @darthsmeagol for letting me attempt to go HAM.