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Thunderpump challenge

Capture a clip of yourself bouncing using the Shockwave Hammer and then hitting an opponent with a Thunder shotgun blast before landing. Bonus XP will be rewarded if the shotgun blast causes an elimination.

Edit: I finally pulled off the elimination - barely! I was inches from the ground and he was clearly whited, but I’ll take it!

As I said before, I’ll upload video later if admins want. But from the picture here and the one I’ll post in the comments, I think it’s clear I got it.
I couldn't get a pick of the actual moment but I killed one guy and hit another so I got 2 in one game and ended up winning. Again this was in builds and I still won!!!
After watching the @thunderpump1 's clip and trying to replicate it, I have an even bigger appreciation for his skills. I have a MUCH longer video of my trying to execute this maneuver and failing. (One time I accidently shot my NPC teammate :) ) Amazing work, TP!
3rd bounce is a charm. Harder than I thought it would be.