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Secret Santa Sunday

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Give someone a surprise gift. Don't let them know who or where it is from. It doesn't need to be anything big or ornate, even if it is a paper airplane. Drop a pic of what you did.

Never noticed this quest but my friend who plays golf started playing fortnite so their was nothing else I could do but gift him these
I sent a few people from here a friends and family discount for choice hotels.
Just made it rain slow claps to some folks on C3
Apparently you max out at 5 gifts a day so sorry if you weren't one!
Saw a futbol fan in discord today, already was planning on sending him something before this challenge.
Bought @thelion this hand carved wooden Lion from a German Christmas market in Chicago.
I bought two teddy pops at a figure skating show today. Gave one to each of my older two kids (7 and 5) to give out to whatever kid they see that looks like they could use a treat to cheer them up. It was fun sending my elves out.
my wife threw a christmas party last night celebrating her opening her own hair salon, im very hung over lol, but i suprised my dad with a bottle of jura 10 year for baby sitting. im a scotch drinker and i cant recommend this stuff enough :)