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Defeat NPC Darth Vader

   +100 XP
Get a screenshot or video defeating the NPC Darth Vader during Star Wars week. Inspired by @ohtwotwo

Literally the first time I’ve ever played this game! 😂
Shoutout to @joel and @thelion for doing all of the heavy lifting!
We ended up getting 4 straight wins (last one with @connerf)!
I may need to retire now though so I can keep my perfect record! 😂
Got the assisted kill. Shoutout to @joel @thelion and @darthsmeagol for letting me squad up with them, and we got the dub, and this is the most kills I've gotten in a single game. I might be starting to get hooked on Fortnite.
Nothing a goo gun and a few junk rifts can't take care of!
Darth vs Darth. No problem.

Still down to squad up with anyone who needs some helping completing this. I just had to get it done cuz the Open Daily Quest was makin me itchy.
Did this challenge yesterday and didn't even know it. Completed it again today with proof. Lol
Lucky to get the kill off while others had gotten Vader low. Don't know why there were so many people at Vader on the 2 games I was trying to do this...maybe lots of Cr3w trying to do this quest!
It’s not so fun and games when someone instantly snipes you after you take this picture
I’ll dismantle you! I’ll soak your motherboard, turn you into a wine rack! 😂