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Toy-to-Life Collection

In honor of the Lego Dimensions Anniversary: Post your collection of Toy-to-Life gaming items. Amiibo, Lego Dimensions, Skylanders, whatever!

Just started collecting these this past year. All my amiibos and Skylanders I am currently keeping.
As mentioned I got these before I had relevant systems because they looked cool. Got a bunch when Toys R Us closed also. The kids use them for goofing off IRL and they still love Disney Infinity to boot.
My Fortnite, Pop Funko, race cars corner.
I still want to get Yoshi, DK, and especially Banjo-Kazooie!
I have no plans to use them, so I'll keep them in the box (just in case I ever want to sell them someday).
I never even use these things. Just fun to have a few.